Sweat A Lot? Here’s The Deodorant We Now Swear By

At Sweats & The City, we’re all about hitting up the newest, hottest and most unique workouts – which means LOTS of sweating, daily. Although we’re all about a good sweat (it’s part of our name, right?) we’re definitely not about smelling sweaty. We need amazing protection that takes us to from workouts to events, to everything in between.

Because of this (and the fact that we’re constantly searching for the latest and greatest), we’ve partnered with Secret Deodorant to test our there their Active collection. This formula is perfectly tailored to highly active women like us, and gives more protection the more you sweat. It traps odor and replaces it with a DELICIOUS scent (more to come on this) – and offers 48 hour protection (ever forgotten to apply deodorant one day? This one’s got your back!).

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The first time we tried out Secret Active was at Megan Roup’s Sculpt Society class. For those of you watching our stories, you know this is one of our all-time favorites! It’s by far one of the most fun (and sweatiest) workouts we do. The class consists of high intensity dance cardio and sculpting, and the combination of a high set temperature and the fact that class is always packed(even at 9:30am on a Tuesday. Yes – Megan is THAT good) makes for a very solid sweat. So, as you can imagine, the best deodorant possible is beyond a necessity.

Full disclosure, during class I (Dale) completely forgot that I had switched deodorants that morning. I was dancing away in class, and honestly could NOT figure out what smelled so good (a rarity in a workout class).  At first I assumed it was my shampoo or detergent. After realizing I hadn’t changed either of those things, I then assumed it wasn’t coming from me. As I stretched my way into a child’s pose, I got a whiff of my underarms (not kidding, you guys!) and it clicked: it’s Secret’s Active deodorant and it’s working WONDERS. I think a big part of why I didn’t realize right away was because the scent became stronger as the class went on … the more I was sweating, the better I smelled (Mind. Blown.).

I immediately asked Elizabeth post-workout what she thought of it, and we both were shocked. We couldn’t believe how good it smelled, and how effective it was at keeping us dry. To be honest, we never thought we’d be this impressed by a deodorant. This may sound silly … but the Secret Active seriously gives a confidence boost: it pushes us to sweat even more because we know we’re beyond protected. Could this also be the newest workout motivator? We think maybe! And you can check it out at target for a motivation boost.

Thanks to Secret Deodorant for sponsoring this post.

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