5 Ways To Optimize Your Morning Routine with DAILY HARVEST

Mornings are definitely not for everyone. The combo of tiredness and trying to get yourself together for the day ahead can make the a.m. feel less than ideal.

That being said, feeling rushed and frantic is not going to help things get done any faster or better. We are big believers that the way you start your day has a lasting effect throughout. Over time, we’ve nailed down five morning essentials that have helped us maximize our sleep, while still feeling PREPARED AF to take on the day. If you incorporate some of these helpful tools, you might just have time for a morning meditation!


It’s important to have a space (most likely in your bathroom), that is solely for your AM make up and hair tools (+ anything else you need to get ready). Most of us have 10x the make-up we actually use (do you really need the purple eyeshadow you got from a friend? Probably not!) So why spend precious could-have-been-sleeping time digging through your black hole of a  cosmetic bag and/or untangling hair tools? If you don’t have a drawer or general space to use, just grab a separate cosmetic bag and make sure to put all the essentials in there.


A delicious, satisfying, nutritious breakfast doesn’t have to take over your morning. We’ve been long time fans of Daily Harvest, and were recently introduced to their new Protein Rich Smoothies that have been a total game changer for our mornings. They take seconds to prepare and you can eat them on-the-go… or even while you’re getting dressed!

 Not only are these smoothies major time savors in the am, they also save us time and money we would have spent buying + prepping produce. Daily Harvest offers thoughtfully sourced, chef crafted food that is all made of organic fruits and vegetables. They also deliver to your door and all the ingredients are precut and ready to go. We typically just fill our cups up with almond milk!

The protein space can feel a bit overcrowded (+ overwhelming), but we love that we can trust Daily Harvest – there are no fillers, added sugars, protein powders or artificial anything. JUST REAL FOOD (and superfoods like pine pollen, lion’s mane and ashwagandha)! The one we made here is the ‘strawberry + vanilla bean’ – it tastes like literal strawberries & cream … & our second favorite is the ‘cold brew + cacao’ (legit tastes like a Mocha Frappe).

PS: We love adding toppings like fresh berries, sliced banana & granola … we’ll even turning these into a smoothie bowl, or save the rest for later (tastes just as good later in the day).


Who else’s moms had them lay out their outfit the night before school growing up? Not sure about you guys, but we’ve literally had this skill ingrained into us from our early years. The same literally applies to now – prep for exactly what you have the next day: gym, meetings, make-up touch ups, etc. If you’re hitting the gym before or after work, think about things like your reusable water bottle & dry shampoo. It really just requires some pre-thought and a little action. Make sure to check the weather and prep your umbrella if needed, too.


Checking train times and traffic is essential. If we have an am destination that’s outside of our usual, we’ll check the time it takes to get there in advance on Google Maps (and set the time to exactly when we’ll be leaving in the morning) … Especially in NYC, the time it takes to get somewhere can change drastically in the early morning. We’ve all just missed the subway and had to wait another 15 … this does not set you up for a feel-good morning! Pro Tip: we LOVE taking Via, and will check out the car time options as we’re packing up, just in case there’s a long wait!


Your wallet, AirPods, keys, and other things you CANNOT leave the house without need to be in an accessible place. How many times have you been physically out the door and had to turn around to hunt around your apartment for one of these essentials? We’re firm believers that every item in your home should have it’s own place, and these are definitely no exception. A cute basket or key hook will do the job here!

Whether you’re a morning person or not, we hope this list will help make your morning routine a little easier. Haven’t tried Daily Harvest yet? Click here and use code “SATC” to receive $25 off your first box! Make sure to let us know your favorite flavor.




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