9 Absurdly Simple Ways to Eat Healthy

With the holidays quickly approaching, so too comes the inevitable eating, drinking and schedules that throw off your currently solid routine. With that in mind, we wanted to share 9 healthy tips that work for us when it comes to feeling our best. They’re absurdly simple, but we swear they work!

1. Make meals at home

It may seem obvious, but this is without a doubt one of the most important ways to keep your weight down. We’ve found that we feel our very best when on a meal prepping streak – when we buy our own ingredients and are aware of what’s going into our food. Meal prepping is a great way to maintain or lose weight without feeling like you’re trying too hard, hungry or restricting. It also helps immensely with portion control. It’s much easier to over eat when you’re not in control of what’s on your plate, especially when eating out (even at our favorite healthy spots like Sweetgreen or Westville). Limited on time? We suggest food delivery services (if you’re in NYC) such as FoodKick and Instacart – they deliver your groceries so there are no excuses. We also love to do our prepping on Sunday nights, as it sets us up for a great week ahead. We promise it’s totally worth it, and once you’re in the routine, you’ll make the time!

2. Have snacks ready 

We love to keep fresh, cut up fruits and veggies on hand for snacking. This sounds basic, but when you’re hungry, you should eat. And having something fresh and healthy on hand allows you to fill up on fibrous, nutritious things. The goal here is to avoid packaged or high calorie foods just because you’re in a rush.

3. Less IS more

You CAN overdo healthy foods. Trust us, we’ve been there. Just because avocado is healthy, doesn’t mean you need 2 a day. As we explore the world of wellness and health more, we find that overdoing healthy foods is super common. Just because you did a high intensity workout, doesn’t mean it cancels out overeating or poor food choices you’ve made that day!

4. Don’t overexcercise 

Have a rest day. Ease up on your high intensity workouts. Your body is not going to improve by overdoing, and this could make you hungrier or even cause you to gain weight. We’ve found that when incorporating a lot of cardio, like Barry’s, we gained weight without even realizing it. This is not to say Barry’s was to blame, but the excessive cardio just wasn’t good for us, and it definitely increased our hunger. And, the calories burned weren’t canceling out the excess food we were consuming. While we do believe cardio is super important, we personally see better results when limiting to 1-2 sessions per week. As an alternative, we recommend you increase your walking. And yes, we were opposed to this at first too, but, it won’t spike hunger and it’s easy on the joints!

5. Find healthy foods you actually enjoy (they do exist)

If you don’t like kale, don’t force yourself to eat kale. You’ll turn “healthy eating” into a task when that simply doesn’t have to be the case. Find something healthy you do enjoy and include more of it in your diet. We find a lot of our healthy food inspo on Instagram, accounts like @rachlmansfield or @nobread.

6. Know when you’re hungry

Just because unhealthy food is in front of you doesn’t mean you have to have it. And, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re hungry! It’s ok to indulge here and there, (we all do it) but don’t feel pressure just because it’s there – it’s most likely a temporary urge. Trying to separate hunger from these urges is something we can all be better at – keep this in mind.

7. Social pressure is dead to you

Nothing is worse than actually wanting to eat healthy, but sacrificing it because you’re worried about what others will think. If your friends make fun of you for meal substitutions or passing up certain foods/drinks, maybe you should evaluate the people you’re surrounding yourself with!

8. Eat carbs + fiber

It’s nearly impossible to feel satisfied without eating carbs. Healthy carbs do exist! . We live in a society where its been drilled into our minds that carbs are the enemy, but the right carbs are not, and you need them to stay full. Fiber is also key. We LOVE adding GG crackers to our meals to prolong fullness – try these!

9. Stop the food stress

Fact: stressing over what you eat may be bringing you down. Food anxiety can cause you to overeat, whether it’s simply to make that urge go away, or out of fear of being hungry later, which of course doesn’t help. Our advice: take a deep breath, relax and try your best to eat when your body starts to feel actual hunger, and stop far before you’re uncomfortably full.

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