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…Something that should be a major priority for all of us. After all, we spend about 1/3 of our lives sleeping (or trying to, at least). When it comes getting quality shut eye, it’s not only the number of hours we’re getting (which by the way – nearly 40% of Americans clock less than the recommended 7 hours), but also the QUALITY of sleep that matters.

Ever find yourself tossing and turning throughout the night only to wake up feeling groggy and out of sorts the following day? How about jet lag? Most of us have been there several times and it’s no surprise that poor sleep effects our physical and mental wellbeing.

A few weeks ago, Bed Bath & Beyond, aka our destination for all things sleep, hosted an informative breakfast event (which was at La Mercerie – DELICIOUS if you haven’t been). The breakfast presentation was lead by leading sleep doctor Dr. Shelby Harris, an expert in the field who taught us about sleep patterns, habits & insomnia and provided us with tips and tricks to improve sleep quality and quantity.  Here are some facts that really stood out to us:

  • Alcohol reduces sleep quality (it might help you fall asleep, but the quality won’t be any where near as good).
  • Night mode on your phone isn’t actually all that helpful.  You should turn of electronics a few hours before going to bed (ironically, writing this blog post right before bed …oops). When the sun sets, your brain releases melatonin, which makes you sleepy. And if you are staring at too many screens, melatonin isn’t properly released because your brain thinks it’s day time, making it that much harder for you to fall asleep at night.
  • We function best if we go to bed at the same time every night and wake up the same time every morning (this also applies to weekends, which is why we may have trouble sleeping  on Sunday nights. Also known as “social jet lag.”)
  • If you have trouble falling asleep at night, don’t get in bed hoping to fall asleep. Instead, sit somewhere else in your home until you get tired.
  • If you experience insomnia, medication should be the last resort. There are so many other proven methods to fixing sleep patterns, so seek proper guidance!

Dr. Harris also taught us that the first step to getting better sleep is understanding your sleep type so you can prepare accordingly. Once you are aware of your sleep type (click here to find out yours!), investing in quality products that cater to that specific type is truly beneficial for a better sleep. Once Dr. Harris finished her presentation, we took a quiz to find out which of the four types of sleepers we identified with best. The categories were:

the furnace.

The sleepers who are too hot. Wake up sweaty often? Probably you.

the popsicle.

The sleepers who are often too cold.

the sore spots.

The sleepers who wake up achy and sore.

the overthinkers.

The sleepers who are often anxious while trying to sleep (lights turn off, their brains turn on).

Can you guess which category I fell into?! (…and shocker, Elizabeth got the same result!)

YEP – the popsicle.

For years I’ve struggled to figure out how to sleep comfortably. To give you some background: in college my roommates and I would have literal thermostat wars. Long story short, I lost that battle and once wore my down parka to bed (which became the joke of our dorm room freshman year). Fast forward several years, having moving in with my boyfriend (who by the way, is definitely a furnace), the popsicle problem is still very much present. He often turns on the AC and then has to fold the duvet in half, double it up and plop it on top of me … this has has pretty much become a ritual for us. This breakfast made me think – why have I not thought of investing in products to suit my specific sleep needs? Instead of thinking I was the problem, I just needed to find the right products to solve my issues!

Enter Bed Bath & Beyond: offering several products to cater to your exact sleeping needs so you can wake up happy. Here is what’s on my specific sleep type list:

Wamsutta Dream Zone Extra Warmth White Goose Down Comforter

Brookstone® NAP® Heated Faux Fur Throw

Brookstone® Quilted Comfort Heated Mattress Pad

And I’ve gotta say, after finding products that work for my sleep type, my sleep has absolutely improved. These items can be used for just my side of the bed, so you don’t need to worry if your partner has a different sleep type than you. They can always get different pillows, blankets, etc.  – so no one has to settle for subpar sleep. You can view all the products for each sleep type here.

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