How To NOT Let Yourself Go While Traveling

For work or for pleasure, travel DOES NOT have to equate to bodily destruction –  and too often we hear our friends and family claiming the opposite. We’re here to help you never use “travel” as an excuse, ever again. We’ve detailed below all the issues that we’ve either personally faced, or that you’ve come to us about, and exactly how to solve them.

Problem: You’re basically eating every meal out.

Whether you’re over-swiping the corporate card or simply dining out a lot on vacation, this one can definitely be toughie.

First, if you haven’t read our article 8 Ways to Keep it Clean(er) While Dining Out, check it out for some great tips!

Two additional suggestions:

Our breakfast hack — Try and use this as your meal ‘in’, rather than going H.A.M on the breakfast buffet or grabbing a bagel just because it seems like an “easy” option. Find a grocery store, or even a pharmacy where you can buy simple, healthy options for breakfast: 2 hard-boiled eggs + berries, or a healthy, minimal ingredient protein bar, like an RX bar. We always pack at least 4-5 of these when traveling, as they’re filled with protein and a simple, tasty breakfast or afternoon pick me up. Starting your day this way, every day, while traveling can be a serious game changer, and, it sets the tone for other meals!

Our every meal hack: GG CRACKERS! You’ve probably seen a lot of GG mentions on social media these days, but they’re seriously a game changer when it comes to staying full and avoiding overindulgence. Use them as a healthy vehicle for dips and spreads (we love them with eggs + avocado) while out to eat or poolside, or, have them as a snack in your hotel room – with toppings of course, as they’re super bland without. Almond butter is a great option here, and something you can pack from home!

Problem: You CAN’T be bothered to work out due to lack of  motivation or access to your usual classes, a gym, etc.

There are a few options here, but each of them lead to GETTING YOUR BUTT MOVING!

Seriously, if anyone else suffers from an upset/out of sorts digestive situation when traveling, this is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

If you’re in a city with ClassPass: You can switch your app to that city, free of charge, and take advantage of the classes available! On the ClassPass website go to Settings >> Membership Details >> Flex Location. We love this option!

If you’re simply avoiding the hotel gym: Go outside and either take a long, fast walk or a run! The sweat will feel great (remind yourself how you’ll feel the rest of the day knowing you did something for your body). We use the Nike Running app for this – you can set a distance or time goal to ensure you’re staying on track. Or, simply walk to your destination instead of uber, sometimes it’s the best way to explore the city you’re in!

If you don’t have access to a gym at all: Turn that hotel room into a workout studio. Seriously, some of our best sweats have been outside of the gym. Our travel-friendly workout prop: NDO bands! First, these seriously help with stretching, which just takes a few minutes and has many positive effects on the body.  Compare it to your morning cup of coffee … when you wake up it helps you get your blood flowing. There are hundreds of workouts you can do with these target every muscle in your body, think of this as personal trainer or workout partner, right to your wrist!

Problem: You’re dehydrated (and likely don’t even realize it).

A simple solution here: bring your own reusable water bottle – we love our Swell Bottles when on the go, and it doesn’t hurt that they’re super cute. We also recommend grabbing a BIG water bottle at the airport after security, like a 50 oz. Smart Water, so you don’t have to pester the flight attendants to continually fill your little cup with disgusting airplane water (we’ve heard it’s basically not drinkable). We also love traveling with Liquid IV – it hydrates 3x faster/more efficiently than water alone, and really helps if you’re going out a lot/drinking while away.


Nightmares are made of airport food. Especially if you’re in terminal A at LaGuardia. Rather than popping into the nearest Hudson News and facing the inevitable walls of candy and processed snacks that you’ll likely have to actively talk yourself out of buying, avoid this situation entirely!

Planning in advance and packing healthy airport snacks is so important to us when we travel. We usually bring some combination of fruit, veggies, nuts and tea with us (load up those zip-locks!!!) Oh, and we also pack 100% cacao dark chocolate, because dessert cravings happen EVERYwhere.

Also, if you’re on a long flight that’s serving meals: CALL THE AIRLINE AHEAD OF TIME! We recently asked for a healthy, low cal meal in advance and were served lean protein + veggies while en route to Asia … always worth an ask!

Problem: Your skin.

First, never get on an airplane with makeup on your face. If you’re unable to do a full face washing pre-airport, use a makeup removing/cleansing towelette (we love these) before boarding.

Our second suggestion sounds simple, but don’t write off your usual skincare routine because you land late and you’re “too tired to wash your face” – this is such a critical time for your skin! Especially with all that disgusting airplane air seeping into your pores (sorry, that’s super dramatic, but we feel passionate about this). We also recently tried these under eye masks, and loved them. They really reduced puffiness, redness and general eyes-looking-wonky issues.

Problem: Your digestive system.

Without going into too much detail, this issue can be very real, and really affect our overall mood. Definitely see above Re: exercise to GET MOVING, as this is your best best. But also: make sure to pack and take a daily probiotic, like these – the good bacteria will definitely help.

Problem: You’re getting sick.

WE HATE BEING SICK. When we feel it coming on, or are trying to take preventative measures pre-travel, we recommend the below vitamin cocktail. Take them in advance or pack them for your trip, or better yet, both!

EmergenC: Basically you OD on vitamin C and it seriously helps your immune system. The stuff has kind of an odd flavor (some like it, some don’t) but we’ve never gotten fully sick after taking it when symptoms arise.

Oil of Oregano Pills: This is a potent natural antibiotic and antiviral, and seriously helps with cold + flu.

Garlic Pills: Garlic is a well-known natural remedy for colds and flu because of its strong antiseptic and antispasmodic properties.

Problem: You’ve returned from your trip and feel out of  sorts.

Three suggestions here …

  1.  Unpack immediately: Don’t let that $h!t sit! It’ll give you anxiety for days, leading to disorganization and a negative domino effect.
  2.  Sweat it out! Seriously, this is when you need to drip the most – go to a cardio heavy class, like Barry’s or Mile High Run Club, or do hot yoga. You’ll leave feeling fresh af, and ready to stay on track.
  3.  IV-Therapy: Whether you’re feeling sick, dehydrated or just hung over, IV-therapy has definitely helped pull us out of the darkness. If you’re in NYC, we recommend Studio Med in Midtown East – a single IV session will definitely have you feeling better, quicker, and they do in-home sessions!


Most importantly – don’t forget to ENJOY your travel, and not stress the entire time about its effect on your body! You’re more likely to make bad decisions when you’re over thinking it.

Bon voyage!

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  • Elena
    Posted at 12:34h, 13 August Reply

    I also swear by Emergency with Zinc and Elderberry to help prevent illness. I have always gotten sick when traveling but made recently made it through back to back trips to Morocco, Hamptons, and the Philippines!!!

    • sweatsandthecity
      Posted at 15:24h, 15 August Reply

      Thank you for sharing this! Need to try that!

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