Fithouse (All classes) @ FitHouse

Class + Studio: Fithouse (All classes) @ FitHouse

Location: Union Square, Tribeca (NYC)

Other Cities: Nope!

Length: 45 – 60 mins

Description: FitHouse is a “boutique fitness gym” with several different classes. There is  Barre, Sculpt, HIIT, Bounce (trampoline), Bounce + Sculpt, Hot Yoga Sculpt & more. They’ve been really expanding & adding to their schedule lately.

Sweat Level: Depends on class, Barre: 3/10, Sculpt:6/10, HIIT: 8/10, Hot Yoga: 8/10, Bounce + Bounce Sculpt: 8/10.

Tone Level: 6/10 – Classes are toning, but doable. Great for all levels.

Cult Level: 6/10 – Members and non-members. Very welcoming regardless!

Sneakers/Props: Wear sneakers (except for barre and Hot Yoga Sculpt).

Shower/Locker Situation: Lots of showers, lockers, products & blow driers. Great for getting ready.

Vibe: Catered toward millennials! It’s a good option for a home base gym, but with a boutique studio feel. Very aesthetically pleasing, and super friendly staff!

Similar to: Their barre class is similar to FlyBarre express, Hot Yoga Sculpt is similar to Core Power Yoga, Bounce + Sculpt was previously at Bari studio (they were bought by FitHouse).

Extras: On CP, but they also have an unlimited membership option & class packages. Lots of cute guys in the HIIT + Sculpt classes)

Go Back? Yes, we love it here.  If it wasn’t our job to try classes, we would definitely consider the unlimited membership. Great value!

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