P.sculpt @ Pvolve Studio

Class + Studio: P.sculpt @ Pvolve Studio

Location: Bowery (NYC)

Length: 60 mins

Description: This workout takes a “pre hab” approach to fitness … if pilates and physical therapy had a baby

Sweat Level: 2/10 – We love that we don’t have to sweat to get a good workout here!

Tone Level: 7/10 – You may not feel the ‘burn’ the first few times you do this class, because it really requires thoroughly learning the moves & form. However, we love how targeted this class is, and you’ll absolutely see results if you stick with it!

Cult Level: Lots of repeats, but not culty at all

Sneakers/Props: Sneakers (can do barefoot if you prefer, though!)

Shower/Locker Situation: No showers/ lockers, etc at the moment. They will be opening a new studio with ALL of the things soon!

Vibe: Chill/laid back vibe, feels more like  a private session than a group “class”

Similar to: ModelFit, JG Justin Gelband

Extras: A very diff approach to fitness which we love, go in with an open mind!

Go Back? Yes – we go all the time

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