The Class @ The Class By Taryn Toomey

Class + Studio: The Class @ The Class By Taryn Toomey

Location: Tribeca (NYC)

Other Cities: LA, Hamptons, Vancouver, San Francisco

Length: 65 mins.

Description: A complete mind, body & soul experience & total release. This workout is cardio based & incorporates body weight movements (push-ups, jumping jacks, burpees, etc) throughout. Each move is done repetitively, followed by a pause & reflect, and then onto the next. You’re encouraged to let everything out – it gets quite vocal (and we honestly recommend going solo). You’ll go through an entire song doing a certain movement burpees, squats & so forth) and the energy of the exercise will change based on the music & instructor cues.

Sweat Level: 6.5/10 – Plan to work up a sweat, and likely will want to wash your hair afterwards depending on how hard you push yourself.

Tone Level: 5/10 – Toning, but class is less so focused on building muscle, and more on “physical release” type of movement.

Cult Level: 8.5/10 – This is tough, because although it’s incredibly welcoming, there is a serious following here. You can pick up on who’s a seasoned class-er by their vocal expression throughout.

Sneakers/Props: Shoes are recommended for your first class, but not mandatory. No phones in the room (they’re strict on this and we kinda love it)!

Shower/Locker Situation: No showers, but there are lockers and high end products (Chanel!)

Vibe: Very much a judgement-free zone … you’ll feel a ‘get comfortable with the uncomfortable’ vibe. Studio is gorgeous … modern yet super zen!

Similar to: If Kundalini Yoga and HIIT had a baby.
Extras: Not on CP. They offer community classes, which are generally taught by instructors in training at off-peak times (cost is a donation minimum of $15). People will yell, chant and scream. Have an open mind! 45 min cardio class offerings, in addition to the standard class.

Go Back? We had mixed feels when we went our first few times, but we really want to go back solo. Going with friends can sometimes hold you back. We wish it was futher uptown (it’s pretty deep in Tribeca)!

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