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At Sweats & The City, sneakers are a hot topic. We’re frequently asked about our favorite shoes for running, training and everything in between. We sometimes struggle with an answer for the “best” sneaker, and this is because everyone’s feet are SO different (flat, arched, etc.), and because of this, they require different levels of support. So, we’ve partnered with Finish Line to break down exactly how to find the best sneakers (for YOU), along with some of our sneaker pro tips. 

Replace sneakers frequently

This is sneaker 101! You know when you find the perfect bronzer and use it until you literally cannot scrape any more from the corners of the palette? Yeah, sneakers aren’t like that. It’s important to replace your shoes every 6-8 months (especially if you’re active) and long before you notice signs of wear and tear. We know this may sound a bit over the top, but it’s a small and important price to pay that will greatly benefit you in the long run. (Pun intended). Whipping out a pair you had before Uber was around is NOT ok (this used to be us). Runnings shoes are not meant to last long and the wear can seriously take a toll on your performance and body. If you’re running outside, the traction and terrain can even cause the shoes to be unwearable before 6 months, so be mindful!

Have an indoor AND an outdoor pair

We HIGHLY recommend purchasing delegated indoor and outdoor running shoes. For the outdoor pair, you’ll need more cushion and protection. Why? Because the ground outside is much harsher, which means it’s more impactful on our bodies (especially the knees). Look for shoes that are described as “high support”, and have a thick rubber sole. When running indoors, the treadmill is padded and also doesn’t involve the bumps and humps that a beach or path may have, so you require slightly less stability. Having two pairs also helps because they’ll wear down much less quickly.

Find the perfect pair

Get your foot tested! Head to your local Finish Line and have them analyze your feet (we love doing this!) — they have tons of different options to suit your specific needs. Your feet totally deserve this level of TLC … you’re on them every day! And, once you get an idea of what kind of sneaker suits you (depending on your running preferences and foot shape) you’ll feel confident in purchasing the right pair. AKA money well spent. $$$

The good news is: you no longer have to choose between function and fashion when it comes to sneakers. Finishline has SO many high quality performance sneakers that are also super chic (click here to shop their selection, including these Adidas UltraBOOST 4.0’s we’re wearing above!). We want you guys to be supported and run-ready ALL the time!  #Finishline #Sponsored

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