Get Lifted @ Jane Do

Class + Studio: Get Lifted @ Jane Do

Location: Flatiron (NYC)

Other Cities: Jersey City (NJ), Hoboken (NJ), Edgewater (NJ), Montclair (NJ)

Length: 50 mins.

Description: A low impact, full-body sculpting class. Many unique body weight exercises, as well as moves incorporating resistance bands and weights (medium 5-10lb options suggested).

Sweat Level: 3/10 – This is their least sweaty class as there is very little cardio involved. So although your muscles will fire up, don’t expect to sweat much or need to wash your hair.

Tone Level: 7/10 – Very solid tone. We used medium/heavy weights throughout (5lb-8lbs). Although challenging, these were movements that felt good!

Cult Level: 2/10 – No cultiness at ALL (esp not yet, as this is a new opening). Everyone is so welcoming!

Sneakers/Props: Sneakers!

Shower/Locker Situation: 2 showers, 2 bathroom stalls, tons of products, blow dryers and digi locks.

Vibe: Very much a girl boss vibe. Created by women, for women and you can fully feel the good vibes! All about building strength & confidence.

Similar to: ‘Sculpt’ at Pulse163, ‘Tone’ at AKT, ‘Sculpt’ at Fithouse, ‘Flyfit’ at Flywheel Sports, ‘Housework’ with Sydney Miller.

Extras: On Classpass for now (not sure how long they’;; stay on it). First time special in Flatiron: buy one get one free & their other locations have $40 for 7 days unlimited.
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