PLATEFIT @ Platefit

Class + studio: PLATEFIT @ Platefit

Location: Brentwood, Studio City, WeHo (LA)

Other cities: Nope! (but rumor is next stop: NYC)

Length: 27 mis (many people do back-to-back classes here)

Description: All classes are done on individual vibrating machines (these makes each movement feel more intense than normal, and really challenge your balance & core). Beyond this signature class, they also offer specialized classes (barre, HIIT, abs, glutes, stretch, TRX, etc.)

Sweat level: 7.5/10 – You’d be surprised how much of a sweat you can work up in 27 minutes! It gets especially sweaty in their bootcamp/HIIT class.

Tone level: 8/10 – For the class length, it’s quite toning, but it’s a bit class dependent (restorative/cellulite class is just stretching, no tone)

Cult level: 6/10 – Mix of unlimited membership folk and ClassPass people. Guys come here too!

Sneakers/props: Grip socks are needed (sell at studio + will make you buy if you don’t have) & Water. There is also a refill station!

Shower/lockers situation: No showers, no space to refreshen really (one tiny bathroom). No lockers, just cubbies (come with charges, though).

Vibe: A very “in + out” vibe (no, not the burger spot). A workout for the person on the go that doesn’t need frills. There’s also basically no waiting space – you generally have to wait outside before class starts.

Similar to: We haven’t found anything similar with a vibrating plate!

Extras: On CP. After your 1st class you may feel a little nauseous from plate, but you’ll get used to it!

Go back? We always go when  we’re in LA. It’s great for short, effective workout when you don’t have a lot of time.

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