PLATEFIT @ Platefit

Class + studio: PLATEFIT @ Platefit

Location: Brentwood, Studio City, WeHo (LA)

Other cities: Nope! (but rumor is next stop: NY)

Length: 27 mins (many people do back-to-back classes)

Description: All classes done on individual vibrating machine (that makes each movement feel more intense than normal) There is a ‘signature’ class + specialized classes (barre, HIIT, abs, glutes, stretch, TRX, etc)

Sweat level: 7.5/10 – Especially in bootcamp/HIIT it can get quite sweaty

Tone level: 8/10 – For a short class, it’s quite toning, but does depend on the class you take (restorative/cellulite class is just stretching, no tone)

Cult level: 6/10 – Mix of unlimited/loyals and ClassPass people. Guys come here too!

Sneakers/props: Grip socks (sell at studio + will make you buy if you don’t have) Water. They don’t sell bottles only reusable water bottles. There is a refill station.

Shower/lockers situation: No showers, no space to refreshen really (one tiny bathroom) No lockers, just cubbies (come with charging station though!)

Vibe: A very “in + out” vibe (no, not the burger spot). A workout for the person on the go that doesn’t need all the extras. No waiting space – have to wait outside generally.

similar to: We’ve never tried a similar class using the vibrating plate!

Extras: On ClassPass. Many book back-to-back sessions + stay for the next class. After 1st class you may feel nauseous from plate, then you get used to it

Go back? Always go when in LA, great for short effective workout


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