Sweat’s Tips For Post-Workout Freshness, ALWAYS

We TOTALLY get that setting aside time during your busy day for a workout is difficult, especially when it can easily become a logistical nightmare.  So much needs to be accounted for: travel time, freshening up post-workout (especially if you’re headed to the office), and of course the added pain of lugging around extra baggage!

This process requires time, effort + planning … but we all know it is so worth your while! To make this process as painless as possible,  we’ve put together our best tips so you don’t have to sacrificing your hygiene or your wardrobe when working out.

The Hair

Oh, the hair. Must every workout leave you with sweat drenched locks!? The answer is not always. Pick your workouts wisely: we delegate days we’re having a good hair day that we don’t want to ruin for workouts like barre and pilates. On the other hand, you’ll catch us in sweatier workouts on the days that our hair is in ‘dry shampoo is no longer a cure’ mode.  We also know that hair can be the biggest time killer! We’re all about a quick rinse after a workout, and if we’re not feeling a full hair wash + blow dry, we’ll put 95% of our hair in a shower cap and leave out any hairs surrounding the face. We add a little shampoo to these hairs, and then blow-dry them. It’s the quickest way to fake a fresh hair day and this method will honestly leave you feeling so much better than if you had opted out of any hair rinsing at all. Need a little extra boost? add some dry shampoo to the bulk of your hair and/or the tips.

The Clothes

Did you know that 84% of gym-goers admit to running errands within 2 hours of working out? Ugh, sweaty smells travel with us, people! We get that going home and changing before errands (ie mani/pedis, lunches, coffee dates or whatever it may be) is not realistically an option 100% of the time … So here’s our solution: FEBREZE YOUR GEAR. That’s right, post-workout, we simply spray Febreze Fabric Refresher on our gym clothes, sneakers and any other gear (boxing gloves, hand grips, etc.) until completely damp. Febreze Fabric Refresher with OdorClear Technology totally clears away odors by seeking them out, then  deactivating and replacing them with a light, fresh scent. LOVE.

We recently started packing this with us and it’s the MOST handy. We also like to Febreze our gym clothes even after we take them off, because who wants sweaty clothes stinking up their bag (or hamper)!?

The Research

Find out exactly what the studio or gym offers in terms of showers/amenities beforehand so you can prepare! Nothing is worse than stressing last minute because the gym was lacking an important post-workout essential. We recommend checking ClassPass for the facts, or better yet calling and asking the studio yourself. 

The Makeup

Painting on your whole face post-workout can be super time consuming. Especially if you’re still 900 degrees from your SoulCycle class even after showering, and the makeup is literally dripping off your face … anyone feel? Here’s our rec: try and stick to just 3 pieces of makeup that won’t require a full production, but will still leave you feeling pretty + refreshed.  For us that’s: our tinted moisturizer, mascara and eye brow gel. Done in less than 3 minutes!

How do you freshen up after a workout? We’d love to hear.



This post is sponsored by Febreze but all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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