What we’ve learned about body-honoring habits + starting the New Year on a positive note

With the holidays behind us and a fresh start for 2020, there’s a LOT of talk about resolutions, goals, “clean eating” programs and workout challenges. And while setting goals around living healthier, moving more and eating well are great — many people find themselves falling off the bandwagon before Feb. 1 is even here. 


We think one of the reasons why this happens is that it’s easy to go too hard at first by overcommitting and making these huge goals or resolutions like “I’m giving up all sugar/carbs etc. or I’m going to a bootcamp class every day for a month.” While everyone is different, we’ve totally been there and know what it feels like to try to commit to a huge goal, and only feel defeated when you fail at the (maybe unrealistic) expectations you set for yourself. 


We’re all about honoring your body, not punishing it with extreme detoxes/diets or workouts. So maybe before setting huge goals that feel punishing/too hard, take some time to reflect on what body-honoring habits and rituals you can incorporate into your life this year. 


If you need some inspo, we’ve rounded up some of the top lessons we learned so far and hope you’ll find some takeaways that will inspire you in 2020. Xx 


Exercise is a celebration — not a form of punishment. 

“Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do, not a punishment for what you ate.” We think this quote is relevant ALWAYS, but particularly around the holidays & New Year when people’s intentions around working out may change for the worse.

Whether it’s yoga, running, strength training, barre, pilates — if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, you’re not only not going to stick with it, but it’s not going to positively impact you – mentally or physically – to its full capacity. 

Doing something you enjoy will not only boost your mood, but you’ll look forward to it every day and find ways to fit it into your lifestyle. If you love it, you’re more likely to prioritize it which is key to consistency.

Remember, the goal is progress not perfection when it comes to exercise. The benefits you’ll experience go so far beyond losing weight, and you’ll find it is helpful for stress relief, and so much more.

Ditching Diet Culture. 

Diet culture is everywhere, especially right now. One of the best ways we’ve found to ditch diets and diet culture is through intuitive eating, which teaches you how to listen to your own body and honor what works for you personally. 

We’ve been longtime followers of Rachel Goodman, a RDN and intuitive eating specialist and we’ve both personally worked with her. When you work in the fitness and wellness industry, it’s easy to get caught up with the latest diet fads or food trends going around you. This is why working with Rachel was so helpful since we were able to improve our own relationship with food and learn what makes us feel our best and honor our own body’s individuality. And sure, intuitive eating itself is a trendy topic right now, but the fundamentals of it is very helpful if you’ve ever felt confused or overwhelmed by all of the information out there about what is the “healthiest” diet or superfood or way of eating.

We’ve found that ditching diet culture, and instead leaning into the foods that we know make us feel good has been so freeing. If you’re interested in learning more about intuitive eating, we highly recommend following Rachel on IG, and check out her podcast. 

Finding comfort in being alone. 

Sometimes spending time alone can be scary or seem boring, but it’s so important. For some reason many of us are afraid of it, but once you learn to be alone (yes, it’s a skill!), you’ll find it empowering. 

A lot of alone time made me uneasy since I first moved to NYC (isn’t it weird how a crowded place can make you feel lonely?). But it’s something we’ve actively worked on and it’s truly a skill to be your own best friend (and be cool with taking yourself to lunch or dinner, or even travel alone). If you ever have the chance, try spending a few days alone whether it’s at a resort, or even a staycation. Try spending the time to relax, rejuvenate, journal or whatever helps you connect with yourself.

The law of  “f**k yes or no”.

We love this “law” because it works for almost any situation or decision. It all comes down to learning to listen to your gut or intuition, and only make space for the things/experiences/people that truly light you up and feel right. 

The law is applicable to so many areas of life – relationships, dating, friendships and even work opportunities. In any new situation you’re considering bringing into your life, do you respond with a f*ck yes? If not, say no. When you do this you feel more confident, and will attract more of the right energy into your life! 

Looking for more info on how to ditch resolutions that don’t serve you and honor yourself in 2020? Check out the “Living Your Best Life” guide we put together with our girl Ali Bonar (founder of Kween and Co) at this link

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