All Classes @ Barry’s Bootcamp

Class + Studio: All Classes @ Barry’s Bootcamp

Location: Multiple locations (NYC)

Other Cities: Nationwide & International

Length: 60 ms

Description: This class switches off between treadmill intervals (HIIT) & floor/strength training work. The floor work target area will depend on the day (Full Body, Arms & Abs, etc.)

Sweat Level: 9/10 – Def a hair washing class. You’ll sweat quite a ton, even with the AC & fans blasting.

Tone Level: 9/10 – This workout is meant to build lots of muscle during the floor work, and to torch calories on the treadmill.

Cult Level: 9/10 – Although there are always newbies, the regulars are regulars to the MAX. Very culty.

Sneakers/Props: Very supportive sneakers and water! Come with a post-workout appetite, their “Fuel Bar” has great smoothies!

Shower/Locker Situation: Showers + digi locks at most of the studios, some studios are better than others.

Vibe: Very much “Go Big or Go Home” vibes. Not the best place for those who like to modify/take it easier. Instructor’s will push you hard & there is limited assistance/adjusting.

Similar to: Orange Theory, Burn60

Extras: Can find non-peak times on CP. You’ll have the option to choose where you start class: treadmill or floor. You can also do “double floor” if you prefer to skip the cardio. Most people start with tread.

Go Back? We used to come here all the time – no longer in our routine!

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