Bounce @ Fithouse

Class + Studio: Bounce @ Fithouse

Location: NYC (Union Square, Tribeca)

Length: 50 mins.

Description: Almost all of this class is spent jumping on a mini trampoline. There are choreographed sequences that incorporates moves such as high knees, squats, etc. And, a couple off-the-trampoline toning segments throughout with light dumbbells. Ends with a core series on the trampoline that we felt was super effective.

Sweat Level: 8/10 – You’ll want to wash your hair!

Tone Level: 6/10 – Mostly cardio, but there is toning throughout. Very doable, yet you’ll feel it the next day … it’s fun!

Cult Level: 6/10 – There are definitely a lot of loyal fithouse members here (who know the routine, which starts at the beginning of the month BTW) but lots of newbies as well.

Sneakers/Props: Supportive sneakers.

Shower/Locker Situation: Digi locks, showers, products and hair dryers at both locations. We almost always shower after class & get ready for the day here – it’s enjoyable.

Vibe: Fun + upbeat, this is a class that’s great for those days you want to workout, but not take yourself too seriously.

Similar to: The old ‘Bounce’ at Bari, same intensity (but diff workout) as 305 Fitness.

Extras: On Classpass. Class fills up quite quickly!

Go Back? We love FitHouse and always come here, but might stick to our usual Barre, Sculpt and Yoga Sculpt!

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