Follow-Along @ DanceBody

Class + Studio: Follow-Along @ DanceBody

Location: NYC, Miami, Hamptons, LA

Length: 60 mins

Description: Dance-cardio class without a dance routine. This means: easier-to-follow moves, but it still packs in just as much movement. Class ends with mat work for thighs, butt & abs!

Sweat Level: 8/10 – Depending on how hard you work, you can truly work up a sweat in this one! You may sweat more than in ‘Signature’, due to more doable dancing.

Tone Level: 4/10 – About 25% of this class is spent toning and the other is spent doing cardio.

Cult Level: 6/10 – Dancebody has a serious following, but the cult level was much lower in this class. Everyone is extremely welcoming here!

Sneakers/Props: Must wear sneakers + bring water! Towels are provided. No ankle weights needed in this class.

Shower/Locker Situation: Nomad does not have showers or lockers, Tribeca has showers + lockers!

Vibe: Feel good vibe here – You not only get a good workout, but you will pretty much always leave feeling better. There’s a contagious energy here!

Similar to: Signature @ Dancebody, Body by Amanda Kloots, Sculpt Society

Extras: On ClassPass, but peak times sell out very quickly (especially on weekends) and can cost you major credits, so book in advance! It’s a great alternative to ‘Signature’: similar structure and workout level, the moves are just easier to follow.

Go Back? Yes – one of our fav classes yet!

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