Calm 35 @ Inscape Meditation

Class + Studio: Calm 35 @ Inscape Meditation

Location: NYC (Flatiron)

Length: 35 mins.

Description: Meditation studio with many different themed sessions to choose from. Class begins with breathwork exercises, then you’ll use a simple focus technique to promote stillness of the body & mind. Meditation is guided through a voice over/surround sound system.

Sweat Level: 0/10 – You will not need to shower after this. Tears may come up, though – (and that’s a good thing!)

Tone Level: 0/10 – Just exercise of the mind 🙂

Cult Level: 7/10 – Many regulars!

Sneakers/Props: Wear anything … & no shoes.

Shower/Locker Situation: Lockers and mats.

Vibe: Futuristic vibe. Like an app brought to life.

Similar to: WOOM Center, Mndfl Meditation, Headspace App

Extras: On ClassPass (generally 5-6 creds #10AndUnder). They also have an app with tons of guided meditations, so you can do it from anywhere.

Go Back? We haven’t gone back since our initial session, but we would definitely give it another go!

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