JABS x Abs with Gina Dinapoli

Class + Studio: JABS x Abs with Gina Dinapoli

Location: PROJECT by Equinox

Other Cities: Nope!

Length: 50 mins.

Description: An all core focused bootcamp. Classes start off with a 5 minute plank and from there you’ll continue to work your core doing all kinds of moves – supine ab work, obliques, plank work, standing abs and even some cardio movements + jabbing. 

Sweat Level: 6/10 – Limited cardio, so not as sweaty as her other classes. Plan to glisten. Can get away with no hair wash.

Tone Level: 10/10 – Probably one of the hardest ab workouts we’ve done. The warmup alone is harder than most ab-focused classes. Plan to avoid core workouts for the next day or two, especially if it’s your first time!

Cult Level: 9/10 – Almost gave it a 10, but Gina is just so freaking friendly! The girl has a serious Jabs squad – they’re so loyal they could lead the class. Basically a female-focused Akin’s Army.

Sneakers/Props: Sneakers!

Shower/Locker Situation: Minimal at Project (no showers, no change rooms, digi locks, limited products).

Vibe: Upbeat and FIERCE – more about the feeling/rhythm than perfection.

Similar to: ‘Abs + Upper Body’ at AArmy.

Extras: Not on CP. Not uncommon to see a 20+ person waitlist.

Go Back? Yes, we DIED (in the best way) & can’t wait to go back.

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