Ken Workouts @ Ken Pilates

Class + Studio: Ken Workouts @ Ken Pilates

Location: NJ (Hoboken), On Demand, Online Private Sessions

Length: 5 – 60 mins.

Description: Full body Pilates based workout. Ken offers several series (on demand) and each is broken up into mini series: i.e. arms, abs, booty + full body sweat. You can repeat each mini series as many times as you’d like or mix and match. Some series are bodyweight alone, while some include props such as light weights, a band and chair. This is an overall low impact, high intensity set of workouts that really targets your muscles.

Sweat Level: 6/10 – Definitely a sweat, depending on which workout you select.

Intensity: 7/10 – While this is a low impact workout, it’s pretty intense.

Tone Level: 9/10 – Ken will tone you up!

Cult Level: N/A

Sneakers/Props: Mat, light weights, ball, resistance band – or none at all.

Shower/Locker Situation: N/A
Vibe: Crisp, clear, professional vibe. Ken is super welcoming and has a very calm demeanor, yet he’s an excellent instructor and coach that makes this challenging and effective workout very easy to follow.

Similar to: Melissa Wood Health, The Pilates Class

Extras: Ken also teaches outdoor workouts in Hoboken, offers in-person privates + virtual privates. Right now, he’s offering privates for $50! There’s also a week free trial for on-demand. The on-demand and live schedule workouts are on two different websites, both of which are tagged above.

Go Back? Absolutely! Highly recommended.

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