Little Adapts by Jax

Class + Studio: Little Adapts by Jax

Location: NYC, Virtual

Length: 45 minutes.

Description: This barre-sculpt, full body workout is focused on tiny movements with a big impact. Think body weight exercises to work your core, arms, back and thighs with bands integrated throughout.This workout is very barre inspired, but we love that it also incorporates cardio bursts.

Sweat Level: 6/10 – Even though this workout is mostly small movements, the cardio bursts will get your heart pumping.

Intensity: 7/10 – Challenging, but doable! Do not be scared if you’re intimidated by barre – this is a really great class for newcomers, because even if you have little experience – you will feel the burn right away.

Tone Level: 8.5/10 – Such great toning here!!!

Cult Level: 0/10 – No cult vibes at all.

Sneakers/Props: Booty band, mat + sneakers.

Shower/Locker Situation: N/A

Vibe: Jacqueline is a really upbeat and warm instructor. She makes the class fun and her music is noteworthy!

Similar to: Silhouette By Alexis, Sweats Sessions with Aubre Winters

Extras: Stay tuned on her social for any events or workouts! She also has a nutrition program, as she is a health coach and trainer.

Go Back? Absolutely!

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