Pilates Intense Machine @ Pilates Habitat

Class + Studio: Pilates Intense Machine @ Pilates Habitat

Location: Gramercy (NYC)

Other Cities: Nope!

Length: 60 mins

Description: Classical pilates class – roughly half the time spent on reformer and the remainder on the cadillac. A lot of toning, lengthening, stretching moves. The amount of equipment used might make this a little challenging for a beginner, but once you get past that, the moves are pretty doable.

Sweat Level: 2/10 – We didn’t break a sweat!

Tone Level: 6.5/10 – Quite toning and the more experienced you are, the higher the tone factor. You can definitely up the intensity by actively engaging muscles (especially the core). Great stretch at the end as well.

Cult Level: 4/10 – Not super culty, but it kind of lacks community feel / we wouldn’t necessarily meet a new friend here.

Sneakers/Props: Grip socks or barefoot.

Shower/Locker Situation: No lockers (just cubbies) and no showers. Hardly any amenities.

Vibe: Chill, low key and barebones.

Similar to: Pilates on the Square, Sal Anthony’s (which is now closed)

Extras: On CP and consistently 9 credits.

Go Back? Yes! When we’re in the mood for a toning, but less intensive workout.

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