Sculpt @ Pulse163

Class + Studio: Sculpt @ Pulse163

Location: Florida (North Miami Beach)

Length: 45 mins.

Description: Dynamic, full body sculpting class all done on a mat. Think barre and pilates inspired, but amped up. Props are used throughout like hand weights (mostly 5lb), ankle weights, a ball & bands. Transitions are super quick and there are hardly any breaks, but moves are fairly straight forward.

Sweat Level: 5/10 – You will heat up, but it’s low impact so you can definitely get away without a hair wash.

Tone Level: 9/10 – This class is ALL tone. Given the shorter class length, they use every minute to burn out your muscles.

Cult Level: 5/10 – Loyal class-goers, but wasn’t too culty.

Sneakers/Props: Wear grip socks.

Shower/Locker Situation: No showers, no lockers, but they do have poducts. AND the good mints!

Vibe: Amazing music, very cute and clean space with great vibes. We really enjoyed working out here and the instructors and clientele were super friendly.

Similar to: ‘Torch’d’ with Isaac Calpito, ‘Mat Clas’ at Sculpt Society, ‘Body Talk’ at Project By Equinox with Patrick McGrath 

Extras: On ClassPass as a  #10AndUnder. Vinny is amazing. He also teaches at ‘JetSet Pilates’ which is a megaformer studio, so you will feel that influence & intensity in class. Free parking.

Go Back? 100%. New spot for when we’re in Miami. They have tons of class options, too – including barre and trampoline.

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