NuCalm + Air Compression @ Recover

Class + Studio: 30 Min NuCalm + Air Compression @ ReCOVER NYC

Location: NYC (Koreatown)

Length: 30 mins.

Description: A studio that is dedicated explicitly to recovery. They have tons of different services ranging from infrared to CVAC and beyond. NuCalm + Air Compression combines a Restorative Sleep Treatment with an air massage for your legs – it’s truly the ultimate recovery combination for the mind and body. NuCalm is designed to combat stress and improve sleep patterns.

Sweat Level: 0/10 – Not a workout, you just lay!

Tone Level: 0/10 – Zero tone here obviously, but the effectiveness is high! We had such a great night of sleep after and felt immediate muscle relief. 

Cult Level: 0/10 – There was only one other person there and people keep to themselves.

Sneakers/Props: Wear comfortable clothing.

Shower/Locker Situation: Single shower and towels available.

Vibe: Very chill vibe. Staff are extremely nice and accommodating. They explain everything, set you up and bring water/tea.

Similar to: Strech*d

Extras: On ClassPass, but high credit cost for 30 minutes. You can always walk in there, explain what you need recovered and they’ll suggest services, as they offer a lot of different things. Length of service can also be adjusted (can do 40 min, etc.). And you can also do NuCalm and Air Compression separately.

Go Back? Yes, definitely. Felt really great after!

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