RE-FORMATION @ Zach Bergfelt Pilates

Class + Studio: RE-FORMATION @ Zach Bergfelt Pilates

Location: Virtual On-Demand + Zoom, NY

Length: 5-60 mins.

Description: The foundation of Zach’s classes are classical Pilates, with added strength and weight training exercise to create a contemporary Pilates style class. All virtual and on-demand classes are done on the mat, and are comprised of different body focuses (ie Upper body, Advanced cardio strength, Full body sweat, etc).

Sweat Level: 7/10 – Cardio classes are obviously more sweaty (an 8). Either way, be prepared to sweat, though!

Intensity: 8/10 – This workout takes mat pilates to a whole new level – it’s intense, so be prepared to work. At the same time – don’t be scared of it! While it’s fast paced, you can take breaks and modify. This class focuses as much on feeling good as it does kicking your butt.

Tone Level: 10/10 – Solid. This is the kind of tone that goes deep into the muscle to sculpt and define.

Cult Level: 4/10 – Zach has had a loyal following for a while, but his workouts don’t feel culty. You can be a newbie and feel like you know what’s going on.

Sneakers/Props: N/A

Shower/Locker Situation: N/A
Vibe: The energy and vibe of this class is amazing. Zach really wants you to push your limits and challenge yourself, but at the same time he is incredibly welcoming. He will brighten your day and is so down to earth and warm.

Similar to: The Pilates Class, Bonded by the Burn, BodyBySJ, Dana Levit Pilates

Extras: In person privates and duets are available. On the on-demand platform, there are many pricing options: unlimited monthly subscription ($25/ month), single use videos ($5/vid), or videos to keep ($10/vid).  

Go Back? YES – everything Zach does is so on point – his class is incredible!

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