“The Saltdrop” by Dino Malvone

Class + Studio: “The Saltdrop” by Dino Malvone

Location: Tribeca, On Demand + Streaming

Length: 45 + 60 min.

Description: A beat driven, mat-based workout using just your bodyweight. The first half consists of sculpting flow sequences, very slow + steady. The second half amps up with more cardio and plyometrics intervals. Moves are incredibly unique, yet doable for all levels.

Sweat level: 8/10 – You will definitely work up a sweat and most likely need a hair wash.

Intensity Level: 7/10 – Definitely gets your heart rate up!

Tone level: 8/10 – High toning factor, but it’s not all tone! Lots of stretching, some cardio, and a lot of mental release. This class will challenge you. Dino highly encourages you to do what feels best for you.

Cult level: 7/10 – Dino has a strong following! Starting with a serious cult following at Barre3 that has followed him to The Saltdrop – and for good reason. His energy is unparalleled. With that said – there is absolutely no need to be intimidated! He is incredibly welcoming, kind and instantly makes you feel a part of the Saltdrop family.

Sneakers/props: Just a mat.

Shower/locker situation: N/A

Vibe: This class is just as much about mindfulness as it is about sculpting your body and getting a good sweat. It’s a full on mind-body connection and you’ll leave feeling AMAZING.

Similar to: The Class By Taryn Tomey.

Extras: On ClassPass. Handle is @thesaltdrop. Sometimes has pop ups at Energi! There are live streaming classes on the platform.

Go back? 100% … we love this class and Dino SO much!

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