WeFlowHard @ Y7 Yoga

Class + Studio: WeFlowHard @ Y7 Yoga

Location: UES, Tribeca, Bryant Park, Meatpacking, East Village, SoHo, Flatiron, Williamsburg (NYC), Park Slope (NYC – coming soon!)

Other Cities: Silver Lake (CA), WeHo (CA)

Length: 60 mins.

Description: Candlelit hot vinyasa yoga to bomb music. Starts off with a warm up flow, followed by 3 flows: each of which you’ll go through 3x with guidance, then the music is turned up (Hip Hop!) and you’ll flow on your own, at your pace. Ends with a short ab/cardio/sculpting series, then savasana.

Sweat Level: 10/10 – You will definitely need to wash your hair after this one, no questions asked. Room is heated to 80-90 degrees.

Tone Level: 5.5/10 – Highly dependent on instructor, some can are around a 7, while others about a 4. Highly likely you’ll be sore in the days following (especially in the arms).

Cult Level: 8/10 – Definitely cult city here, but also a ton of newbies/non-regulars. Lots of Classpassers, too!

Sneakers/Props: Barefoot, bring lots of water and mat/towel (or rent: mats $2, towels $3).

Shower/Locker Situation: Digi locks and refresh stations at all the locations. All locs except Union Square and Meatpacking have showers. You can reserve a shower time slot when you arrive at the studio (the earlier you get there, the better!).

Vibe: Zen meets urban + trendy vibes. Hip Hop music blasting and Drake quotes plastered on the walls and stairs: definitely caters to the millenial New Yorker. This place is for  the person who likes to party, but also likes to flow, you know?

Similar to: Playlist Yoga (LA)

Extras: On ClassPass (generally #10AndUnder). Sarah Bess is an amazing instructor! Due to the self-guided flows, we wouldn’t necessarily recommend this for beginners. Basic knowledge of yoga poses is quite helpful.

Go Back? Yes – one of the best hot yoga spots in NYC!

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