Our Activewear Non-Negotiables

You could say we are more than particular when it comes to activewear. We’ve tried a TON of brands, styles, and fits over the years. We have strong preferences when it comes to comfort, style, and functionality.

We want activewear that works with us, not against us. Workout clothes should help elevate your experience by providing proper fit, support, and comfort —not to mention, look cute too! Here are some things we ALWAYS look for:


Finding activewear that can keep up with us during a workout is  important. It’s hard enough to wake up and push yourself, the last thing you need is to pause every few minutes to readjust yourself.

We love the Under Armour Mid Crossback bra for this exact reason: it’s super supportive, the neckline is perfectly high, and the natural contour padding makes for a no-slip situation. It moves with us regardless of if we were doing mountain climbers on the mat, or going hard on a dance cardio set in our apartments.


An absolute essential when it comes to activewear. Who wants to feel self conscious that their underwear is showing? Yes, we’re all working out from home — but we still show face on Zoom!

We love Under Armour’s No-Slip Waistband on their leggings—it’s a unique double-layer design that locks your pants in place without sacrificing flexibility or comfort.


This is a non-negotiable these days — we want to feel like we’re supported AND tucked in. Under Armour also makes a high waist that’s super comfortable (and doesn’t cut you off in weird places). With the special non-slip construction, these pants just have it all.


We need a GOOD amount of stretch, but none of that see-through business that we sometimes experience. And yes, UA’s leggings really check this box for us.


Something that really falls under the radar with active wear: getting the ‘fits on and off.  We’ve all gotten trapped in our own sweaty sports bras before. This tends to be a downside to a lot of supportive sports bras. The good news: The Mid Crossback bra is literally designed with this in mind. It has an opened  keyhole detail on the back so it’s substantially easier to get on and off. And we love the look!

Thank you, Under Armour, for elevating our workouts by allowing us to sweat in comfort, without distractions!

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