The Pros & Cons of ClassPass

“Is ClassPass something I should be investing in?” This is something so many of you ask on the regular, and to be totally honest, the answer really depends on you and your specific needs. So we decided to break down the pros + cons of it … this way, you can decide for yourself!



ClassPass is easily the most cost-effective way to take classes at a variety of different studios. In NYC, the average cost of a class is between $36-38, where as on CP the credits per class translate to around $15-18 (if creds are spent wisely).

ClassPass also gives you access to more than just boutique studios. There are tons of wellness, beauty & gym options available for you to check out.There are also FREE options – yes you heard that right – workouts and activities that cost zero credits!

Discovery + Travel.

We’ve discovered a lot of hidden gems we may never have come across (or been willing to pay & try) otherwise. This is especially beneficial for those who travel often, as CP can be used worldwide – so it’s a great way to explore studios in a new city.


CP is great for those with a flexible schedule because off-peak classes are much cheaper. We also love that they offer classes around the clock, so no matter your schedule you can find something to sign up for. There’s also no long term commitment – you pay month-to-month and can even put your membership on hold if you’re not using it for a period of time. Additionally, some credits roll over monthly, so if you’re not active one month they won’t all go to waste!

Add-On Value.

If you already have a free/less expensive gym (i.e. one at work or in-home), ClassPass is a great add on! This way, your fees won’t be outrageous, and you’ll still have variety in your routine.


Credits deplete quickly.

It’s very easy to blow through credits on CP, as some classes can run upwards of 24+ credits per class. Unfortunately, if you’re only able to work out during peak times, you’ll be especially hurting (since peak hours are priced higher. For this reason, CP is not great for daily use, the value is more so found when supplementing it a few times per week. If you’re on a budget and want a consistent routine, try a streaming option as an alternative!

They pick on your faves.

While CP no longer caps you at 3x per month at each studio (like the old days) , they will increase the credit cost at studios you frequent. This resets monthly, but is annoying nonetheless!

Second Class Treatment.

Sometimes ClassPass can feel like purchasing a basic economy flight ticke t… aka you can’t choose your spot in class and lose out on some members-only perks like early sign up times, etc. Most studios will only release a limited number of spots to ClassPass, making it a lot harder to snag a spot. Additionally, some (not all) studios treat you like a second class citizen if they see you’ve booked through CP (we think this is SO rude!)

Cancelation Policy.

You’ll be charged $15 if you cancel within 12 hours, and $20 if you miss class. Not ideal.

No Special Offers.

Many studios offer first time deals to clients. However, if you book through ClassPass these first timer deals unfortunately don’t apply. So, we highly recommend booking through studios directly for your first time (many have 2-for-1 and/or first class free). This way you can take advantage of the deal, and use ClassPass moving forward for sign ups!

What do you guys think – yay or nay for ClassPass? We personally do use ClassPass, but not so much as a daily option. As you can see, it’s super dependent on how and when you’re looking to sweat!

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