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It’s time to talk about something we get asked about a lot… PROTEIN BARS. We are both ultra picky we are when it comes to our bars (our faces tell it all when we do our live tastings…). We also receive a ton of samples daily, so one could say we’re pretty well-versed in this area. Because of this, we figured it would be super helpful to provide a list of our top bar picks — the ones we keep on hand for when on-the-go hunger inevitably strikes. Although our ultimate preference is to eat fresh food as snacks, we know that’s not always realistic as we’re running around NYC or traveling elsewhere.

Fail to plan, plan to fail! Now let’s get to it.

Elizabeth’s Picks:

Lara Bar

I’ve been a long time fan of Lara Bars (eating them since college), and love the fact they have all whole, pronounceable ingredients (and very few of them for that matter) — most bars have between 3-6 ingreds … highly impressive, IMO! And they taste delicious, obviously. My favorite flavor: apple pie — made with just almonds, unsweetened apples, dates, walnuts, raisins + cinnamon. Also, try the chocolate chip as a sweet treat!


RX Bar was one of the first protein bars I ever got into, and for good reason. First, I love that these bars are pretty much everywhere now, so when I forget a snack, I can generally find one within a block from me (Duane Reade, Wallgreens, Whole Foods, random corner stores, etc.). And of course, I love thire use of a few simple + whole ingredients, particularly the egg whites as protein. I’malso  currently OBSESSING over their new nut butters if you guys haven’t tried them .. do. Fav bar flavs: coconut chocolate + maple sea salt.

Perfect Bar

IMO, these are easily the best tasting bars. Pop one of these bad boys in the fridge for a pre-workout snack or break off a piece for dessert. They’re also superfood packed and high in protein. Fav flavor? Dark Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter with Sea Salt … these will seriously satisfy the sweet tooth! Use code FAMCLUB15 for 15% off!


I’ve always been a GoMacro fan – I remember one of my girlfriends giving me a bag of them with my birthday gift two years ago! Not only are these bars are vegan, soy-free, dairy-free, non-gmo (the list goes on and on) … they also come in mini size (which are almost too cute to eat!). They’re perfect for when you just need a little boost on the go. I’m currently loving on the peanut butter chocolate chip (sensing a pattern here?) and the cashew caramel. Use code New25 for 25% + free shipping!

Health Warrior

Health Warrior Chia bars are something I always keep on hand. Chia seeds have SO many health benefits and I love that the first ingredient in every bar is a superfood.  They also just launched a new 100-calorie bar that perfectly satisfies the sweet tooth in just a few bites. Probably difficult to find someone who could resist the caramel sea salt … just sayin’. Use SATC20 for 20% off here.

Bearded Brothers

I found these recently at Hu Kitchen in NYC, and am completely obsessed. They have very few ingredients (all pronounceable and not scary), no added sugar and are satisfying + vegan! I recommend the maca chocolate flavor … so chocolatey, energizing and makes for the perfect on-the-go afternoon snack!

Dale’s Picks:

No Cow

One of my best recent discoveries! No Cow bars have very solid stats and ingredients, yet pack amazing flavor. Their PB Chocolate chip flav is sooo tasty … it’s got that creamy peanut butter texture with crunchy chunks of cacao. Not to mention, the entire bar has 1g of sugar, is seriously high in fiber, low in net carbs and high in protein (packs 20g!) … AKA these keep me full for a while. I also love that they’re whey-free and use pea protein instead. Use code Sweats&TheCity for 20% off at checkout.

Verb Bar

I’ve mentioned Verb bars quite a few times on SATC, and not only because I love that they come in a super cute 90 calorie-bite sized version, but also because each bar contains as much caffeine as a shot of espresso! The caffeine comes from green tea extract (so no jitters), and they’re also vegan. These are perfect for before an early morning class, when I need something to eat + a little energy, but don’t want all the liquid of a coffee pre-workout. And trust me when I say it takes something pretty spectacular to break my coffee habit in the am! By the way, you can try all three flavors for free when you order, you just have to pay for shipping. Talk about a solid trial run! 

Raw Rev Glo Bars

I can’t get enough of these bars, they legitimately taste like chewy brownies and the ingredients are completely legit. They contain just 2-5g of sugar per bar, are super high in fiber and have very low net carbs. They’re also made from minimally processed plant based ingredients and are loaded with superfoods. And of course, the flavors are BEYOND. My recs: PB Dark Chocolate Sea-Salt, Double Chocolate Brownie Butter, Cookie Dough … OMG, I’m drooling just thinking about it.

R.E.D.D. Bars

Stumbled upon these R.E.D.D bars a few years ago in a Liquiteria and it was love at first bite. First, literally every flavor is delicious (yes, I’ve tried them all).  I’m sure you see by now that we’re both head over heels for all things chocolate, PB and caramel, but they also have other delicious flavors like oatmeal and mint chocolate chip. They’re a protein bar + energy shot + multi-vitamin all in one … Packing 10g Protein, 11 Superfoods, 19 Vitamins + Minerals and 35+mg natural caffeine (= 1/3 cup of coffee). Talk about the bar that has it all. Use code SWEATS20 for 20% off your order!

Sakara Life Energy Bars

These dark chocolate bars may taste like dessert, but they go waaaay beyond that. They offer the perfect boost of caffeine-free energy with just the right amount of sweetness. If you’re sensitive to chemical-tasting bars and the texture of chalky whey (like us), this bar is for you. We love and trust anything made by Sakara, as they only use clean, whole plant based ingredients. On top of that, these bars also contain: l-theanine (amino acid that cuts through brain fog), vitamin B-12, raw dark cacao and raw hemp protein (10g, which is a lot for a plant based bar!).

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