5 Ways I Manage My Anxiety Daily

Hi guys! Eliz here. Let’s talk about anxiety.

I am without a doubt an anxious person, and always have been. My earliest memories of anxiety go all the way back to elementary school. I remember frequently feeling SO nervous to have a friend’s mom drop me off after basketball practice because I wanted to make sure I had properly thanked her and I didn’t know how to phrase it … this sounds insane, I know! I was going through the options in my head over and over again (how many ways can you even say ‘thank you’?!?) and then basically blacked out when it came time to get out of the car.

This may sound totally crazy, but I’m sure a lot of you can relate on some level, which is why you’re reading this. Fast forward to living in NYC, having a lot more resources and working on this blog full time, and I’ve been lucky enough to come across some really amazing resources that have massively improved my anxiety. So here goes, my top 5 all natural methods … I personally recommend using them all together, and they’re easy to get your hands on (I’ve linked to each), so no excuses for not trying!



This is something I was initially a little hesitant to take. I wasn’t sure if it would make me feel groggy or tired, so I initially tried a small dose at night before bed, and then eased my way into taking it in the morning. I now take 1 dropper every AM, and have to say the results have been great — it calms my mind, improves my mood, increases my mental clarity and reduces inflammation.

My favorite is this Chill Tonic — it’s a combination of CBD, Ashwagandha, Lemon Balm + Passion Flower.


The Five Minute Journal

Ok … again, I was hesitant about journaling. I wasn’t sure I had the attention span and was skeptical about the actual benefits. The Five Minute Journal (which, I’m sure you’ve seen me using 900x on our story) is an easy, efficient way to make journaling part of your every day routine, especially if you’re kind of feeling ‘eeeh’ about journaling in general. In the am, you’ll list things your grateful for and an affirmation, and in the PM you’ll list great things about your day as well as things you could improve. The gratitude component has really helped me to focus on the good in my life, rather than becoming a bundle of anxiety over “the bad”, and I like having a log of things I can improve on, because it allows me to see patterns and become more generally aware of what’s making me happy and what’s not. Make this a part of your morning and bedtime routine, I promise you won’t regret it … and it’s only 5 minutes of your time!

I’ve linked to it here — it’s on Amazon, and you can literally have it tomorrow. NO EXCUSES!



I know I know, the name freaked me out too. BUT, this essential oil is amazing for both anxiety + glowing skin, so my nutritionist recommended I kill two birds with one stone and put a drop in my AM + PM moisturizers. I also take a huff of the bottle when I’m feeling extra anxious. Results have been awesome.

I use this one daily, they’re literally the best grade of essential oils on the market.


Don Miguel Ruiz Audiobooks

Audiobooks are THE BEST, especially for work commutes and travel in general. Don Miguel Ruiz has a wealth of knowledge, and to put it broadly, he uses his books to talk about the way humans think, why we think that way, and how to change these behaviors in very simple ways. You’ll learn so many things that will will help with your anxiety as well as many other aspects of your life — especially your relationships with your partner, friends and self.

Listen to this one first, and then this one, and finish with this one. They’re short!


Liposomal B12

At least 40% of people are deficient in B12! B12 has SO MANY benefits (helps maintain a healthy heart, immune system, and promotes clear skin) but what I’ve found to be the most beneficial is it’s ability to regulate mood and energy levels. Getting these two things in line has truly helped with my anxiety, especially because I feel less reactive to certain anxiety-inducing situations.

This is the one I take every morning. It’s a liquid and you just take 8 pumps on a spoon … the liposomal technology maximizes absorption, potency and bioavailability.

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