Persephone Maglaya is the definition of a girlboss. She’s the CEO of The Media Socialites, a social media and influencer management agency, and the creator of and @Bridal_Vogue. She’s come a long way since a year and a half ago, when all of this incredible blogging and social media work was a side hustle next to her full time job as a top performer at WeddingWire. Since making the leap, she’s grown her team to 7 and increased her following across Everyday Vogue and Bridal Vogue to over 250K people. Outside of work, Persephone’s a twin Mama, wife and hype-girl to other women. We were so excited to sit down with her and learn more about all the tips and tricks she has in the world of social media and content strategy! Take notes, everyone.

What did you study in college and how did that influence your career trajectory?

So many go to college and where they land is off from what they studied, but for me it was dead on! I always knew I wanted to own my own business my Dad owned several and is an immigrant, so this had a profound impact on me. I didn’t know what exactly,  so I studied business management.

At what moment did you realize you could turn your social media expertise into a career?

For 11 years, I worked at a leading company in the wedding media industry. I was in charge of selling all strategic partnerships – everyone from Target to David’s Bridal and Macy’s. I was creating campaigns and was super successful in selling social media campaigns. I loved my job, but I was so bored and was no longer challenged. I decided to launch, which now has 210k followers – crazy! I wanted to share what inspired me, but mostly I wanted to learn the mechanics of social media to help my clients. Organically, my social media agency – The Media Socialites – began by people in all different industries approaching me asking me what I was doing.

I balanced my day job and launched my business, had the twins, launched a blog – for 4 years until I left to pursue my dream full-time!

What brands are you seeing out there with an exceptional social media strategy?

Such a great question! Fenty, Revolve, Boohoo, Quest Nutrition and LoveShackFancy.

What type of content do you think performs the strongest for you?

For me it’s one of two things 1) Anything with the twins as my followers have watched us from struggling through IVF through birth to three! 2) Bad ass, avant garde women empowerment. More specifically reels on instagram or Tiktok always!

What are you tired of seeing on social media?

Being inauthentic and minimalistic in captions. People are craving depth. They are craving connection. It’s no longer enough to just have a beautiful photo. Vulnerability and real, authentic perspectives will win greatly.

How do you get your content to translate across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok?

It’s not easy and I will say I have a team that helps me.

TikTok is its own community. It’s more about ‘niching down’ and sharing specific subject matter works best. I decided to do less about my family and more about my business and social acumen. I felt that this was the most impactful way for me to help small/medium size businesses and content creators.

I love creating a visual for Instagram and taking more risks. I love my family shoots, but especially when it’s just me, I like to reach for how can I create something beautiful and pair it with something valuable.

Facebook is a vehicle to drive action. I use it to drive website clicks and keep people ‘in the know’. I believe there is still a lot of attention there and I work to add several people each week to grow exposure based on existing connections.

Pinterest is the most underrated platform in my opinion. I share my blog content, like to know it images, tiktoks, organic inspiration – all of it! It’s driven a tremendous amount of organic traffic.

How do you repurpose old content creatively and strategically so that they don’t go to waste after first use?

Planning the repurposing is step 1. Just because you shared it once doesn’t make it dead. I plan out when I will reshare a blog post based on the data. If it was a hit, obviously that takes priority. 

How do you define a great partnership and what are some brands you’ve partnered with recently that really resonated with you?

So I work with brands in 3 ways: 1) Social media agency –  I work with them on creating and defining their tone and taking on their voice across all social channels. The most important piece here is about appreciation and respect for what my team creates visually, content-wise and more. 2) As a content creator and a manager for other influencers – There needs to be an authentic connection here and one that values the time, perspective and creativity.

What are your best practices for tapping into your social community?

Constantly asking and talking to them. Asking questions and answering DMs.

What’s the easiest social media strategy to implement for those who don’t know where to start?

Consistency on one channel. Half the “battle” is just showing up and doing it regularly. Getting real feedback from your community helps to shape what you do and share in the future. This is really hard though, because it can feel so overwhelming. Half my clients get paralyzed by just hitting ‘post’.

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