Outdoor Reformer @ Tribe Pilates

Class + Studio: Outdoor Reformer @ Tribe Pilates

Location: Los Angeles

Length: 45 minutes.

Description: Classic pilates class done on the reformer. A full body workout to strengthen and tone major muscle groups, as well as small stabilizing muscles. The moves are both creative and challenging.

Sweat Level: 2/10 – Very low sweat situation, especially because it’s outdoor. It is weather dependent, but is not likely to require a hair wash.

Intensity: 5/10 – Moderately challenging. Good for beginners and not too intense!

Tone Level: 6.5/10 – Definitely some very toning parts and equally as restorative parts.

Cult Level: 1/10 – No cult vibes at all.

Sneakers/Props: Grip socks.

Shower/Locker Situation: N/A
Vibe: Pretty much what you’d expect from a pilates studio. It was cute and low key and the outdoor set-up was great. It was fully tented so it’s not weather dependent.

Similar to: Eden Sassoon Pilates, NY Pilates, Mighty Pilates

Extras: Not on CP. The classes fill up super quick, so I suggest signing up a week before! There are 6 outdoor spots only. Bathrooms inside the studio available for use. The outdoor set up is located behind the studio (so you can just walk through the main studio entrance to get there). First outdoor class is $25, then $30 after that.

Go Back? Absolutely!

Covid-19 Safety Measures

General Safety Measures: Socially distanced outdoor workout. Temperature taken at check in. Wipes to use for all equipment.

Mask Requirements: Must wear mask at all times.

Capacity: 6 reformers, spaced out.

Restrictions: N/A

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