SATC’s Holiday Gift Guide 2019

We’re so excited to share our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide with you. Some you’ve seen us in and some we’re totally coveting. Check them out below!

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GREAT SOLES – Edie Crew Grip Sock: A bit of sport and a lot of comfort: this trendy varsity-inspired grip sock is the perfect gift. Perfect for hitting the barre in style or just adding some edge to your outfit. These can be styled with or without sneakers! We love having the multicolored stripes pop against our leggings. Use code SATC20 for 20% off your order! ($13)

LOUIS VUITTON – City Guides: Chicest travel book ever? Likely. These Louis Vuitton City Guides are great for the friend that loves to stay up-to-date on major city hotspots. LV offers over 20 different city guides and have categories ranging from best restaurants, to workout studios and beyond. ($37)

IMPRESSIONS VANITY – Touch Pro LED Makeup Mirror with Bluetooth: Talk about a GLOW UP – for you AND your mirror. Step up your makeup game with this ultra high-tech bluetooth mirror: equipped with an ultra-bright daylight LED lighting, wireless Bluetooth audio speaker (so you can listen to music, a YouTube make up tutorial or talk on the phone) as well as a USB power bank charger. So much all-in-one value here! ($159)

SAM. – Velvet Jacket: It’s puffy, it’s warm and it’s the perfect bomber to brace the cold (in the chicest way possible) this winter. You’ll literally feel like you’re wrapped inside a duvet … we sometimes catch ourselves wearing them indoors. ($498)

SLEEPER – Party Pajama Set with Feathers in Polka Dot: CHIC PJ ALERT. We have never seen a cuter pajama. Possibly too chic for bed… we don’t blame you if you end up wearing them out on the town! ($320)

Moleskine – 12 Month Daily Planner: Say hello to a super organized 2020! We love our Moleskine 12 Month planners, especially because they have a one page per day format – giving you plenty of room to write down all the events, appointments, calls, workouts, ideas and to-do lists that matter to you. ($24.95)

LARQ Bottle Movement: LARQ has been a long time favorite of ours – it’s the world’s first self-cleansing, self purifying water bottle! It purifies your water in the bottle while self-cleansing so you don’t have to worry about cleaning it yourself. And they just introduced their new Movement line, which is perfect for working out or on-the-go and features a soft silicone sleeve to prevent slipping. It comes in four colorways and two different sizes – all of which are fab! ($78)

P.3 Trainer (P.Volve): P.Volve is known for it’s super unique and very effective equipment … and their latest and greatest is no exception: meet the P.3 trainer. The p.3 trainer is a cutting-edge product that uses resistance training to span the entire length of the body. Working from ankle to hand, it awakens and engages even the hardest-to-reach muscles in new, versatile ways. It uses a detachable handle, resistance cord, and ankle strap to work the entire length of the body in one fluid motion. One of our favorite pieces of equipment to date. ($69.99)

Talon Polish: Non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free polish that actually lasts? We know, right. So good you’d almost mistake it for gel. We are obsessed with Talon polish and all their pretty colors. Whether you do your own nails or head to the salon, you’re going to want to bring your Talon with you! We of course recommend our perfectly curated ‘Sweats & The City’ color, but we promise you will want every color. ($14.00)

Oura Ring: Our secret weapon to self-improvement: the Oura Ring. This is a sleep and activity tracker that measures the quality of your rest and recovery. If you care about proper rest, this is literally a dream (no pun intended)! The ring is an advanced, body-monitoring tool that basically functions like a multipurpose fitness tracker. It provides a detailed analysis about your sleep cycles, which you can then use to create a sleep routine that works specifically for your body. Even Prince Harry has been spotted wearing one – if it’s good enough for a royal, it’s more than good enough for us. ($299)

Sweats & The City Hat: We love a baseball cap to add a little sportiness to our look or for masking a bad hair day. 10% off the proceeds go to The Pink Agenda Foundation and there’s free shipping! ($35)

Hu Kitchen Best Seller Box: For all the chocolate lovers out there – this one’s for YOU. Hu Kitchen’s chocolate bars are easily one of our all-time favorites and go-to desserts. They are equally as clean as they are delicious & we recommend gifting their Nut Butter Box – which has cashew vanilla, almond, hazelnut, and raspberry. SO YUM. ($79.99)

New Balance 850: We are so into the new New Balance 850 sneaker: it has a 90s aesthetic that bridges the gap between a chunky and low profile silhouette. Originating in 1996, it has a vintage vibe with a modern aesthetic. We love the bold colors and the fact that the shoes are insanely comfortable. ($99.99)

Bag-All Computer Case: We love keeping our belongings organized, while also keeping them cute and our laptop is no exception! We love this Bag-All case as the compartment makes keeping your computer and charger together easier than ever before! ($55)

Alala Red Velvet Set: Our perfect holiday workout set – not only is the red-velvet on theme and festive (major Mrs.Claus vibes), but it’s a great option for the winter due to the material. Use code: “THECITY20” for 20% off the entire site! ($125)

Sweaty Stuff Bag: This holiday gift guide could not be complete without our Sweaty Stuff bag! We are seriously obsessed with the denim material (goes with every outfit) and is perfect for even the days you don’t make it to the gym. ($50)

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