Ab Fit @ Platefit

Class + Studio: Ab Fit @ Platefit

Location: California (Brentwood, Studio City, WeHo, Sycamore, Venice)

Length: 27 mins.

Description: This workout is done on a vibrating/pulsing plate that helps you to target your muscles more effectively. The class specifically focuses on the core through body weight exercises & cardio and strength training moves. Props are used throughout, such as weights, to level up the workout.

Sweat Level: 5/10 – You can definitely get away without a hair wash.

Tone Level: 6/10 – High toning factor, and very effective for the short class length. Some people double up on classes.

Cult Level: 7/10 – Although there are newbies and ClassPassers here, there are many loyal members at Platefit.

Sneakers/Props: Wear grip socks.

Shower/Locker Situation: No amenities – just cubbies for belongings, and some equipped with phone chargers!

Vibe: Straight to the point vibes. This is not a space to chill like many studios in LA. There’s no reception area and people aren’t really there to hang.

Similar to: Nova Fitness Innovation – because they both work your muscles with external pulsing.

Extras: On ClassPass. $49 week unlimited special for first timers. After your first class you may feel a bit odd, but it goes away (just from the pulsing).

Go Back? Yes – one of our faves in LA!

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