B The Method with Lia Bartha

Class + Studio: B The Method with Lia Bartha

Location: Energi SoHo (NYC)

Other Cities: N/A

Length: 60 mins.

Description: Mat-Pilates inspired workout using only a small ball. No muscle group is untouched during this class and stability is a key challenge throughout. Lots of core and booty focus, too – and class ends with a deep stretch.

Sweat Level: 4/10 – Does not require a hair wash!

Tone Level: 9/10 – Honestly, the tone is pretty insane – especially considering there’s no equipment used other than a ball. Not to mention, Lia tones in ALL the right places and focuses on long & lean muscles. Lots of core, booty and inner thigh, while taking pressure out of quads, shoulders and lower back.

Cult Level: N/A – We did a private so no cultiness.

Sneakers/Props: Barefoot.

Shower/Locker Situation: At Energi Soho there are showers + cubbies, at Project By Equinox there are just lockers.
Vibe: The workout vibe here is very relaxed, even though the actual workout is tough and engaging.

Similar to: Melissa Wood Health streaming, ‘Body by SJ’ with Samantha Jade.

Extras: Lia teaches privates and can come to your home! Her music is fire.

Go Back? Yes. We are so obsessed.

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