Mixed Level @ Barreworks

Class + Studio: Mixed Level @Barreworks

Location: Yonge St., Queen St (Toronto), On-Demand

Other Cities: Nope! Not a franchise (100% Canadian!)

Length: 60 mins

Description: The majority of this class is traditional barre sculpting, with cardio elements added throughout. You will use weights, a ball & bands to tone and sculpt.

Sweat Level: 5/10 – You can work up a bit of a sweat from the cardio portion.

Tone Level: 6/10 – Depends on the teacher, but it’s not the hardest barre class out there. It’s good if you’re in the mood to sculpt but don’t want anything too intense.

Cult Level: Didn’t feel culty vibes at all. All levels welcome.

Sneakers/Props: Must bring grip socks. At home workouts require some props, but can also do no equipment.

Shower/Locker Situation: Showers, lockers, lots of products ^ refresh stations. No digi locks, so BYOL!

Vibe: Quiet + chill. Torontonians are very friendly, but we find at this studio people tend to keep to themselves more.

Similar to: Barre3, Pop Physique

Extras: On CP. Advanced classes are also offered. There’s a $50 2 week unlimited for your 1st time! Classes are $25 a la carte. On-Demand offers 7-day free trial.

Go Back? Not our top choice, but we’re also spoiled with all the barre options in NYC. Since it’s convenient + there’s not much competition in TO, it’s a good option when we’re in town.

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