Full Body @ Body By Simone

Class + Studio: Full Body @ Body By Simone

Location: NYC (Chelsea), LA (WeHo, Brentwood)

Length: 60 mins

Description: A mix of sculpting + dance cardio. Will work your entire body (there are more focused classes like “Arms, Back, Core” + “Hips, Thighs, Buns”). Cardio spurts throughout. Use ankle/wrist weights, bands, weights, ball

Sweat level: 8/10 – Definitely a hair washing situation

Tone level: 7.5/10 – Great workout all around, and it gets harder as you go back and get better at the moves

Cult level: 5/10 in LA, 8.5/10 in NYC

Sneakers/props: Supportive sneakers + water!

Shower/locker situation: Lockers + showers, stocked with products, but bring your own lock! (Ancient, we know)

Vibe: Diff vibes in LA + NYC. LA is way more casual, not as cliquey. NYC it’s a very seen and be seen. A lot of moms come after they drop their kids off at the Avenue School.

Similar to: DanceBody Sculpt, Megan Roup “Sculpt Society”, AKT, a more “user-friendly” Tracy Anderson

Extras: On ClassPass, 1st time special (for LA ONLY): $28 for 2 classes. Always see Jennifer Garner in NYC!

Go back? Yes! Very far west in NYC (basically New Jersey) + in NYC it’s v high cred, so prefer to go when in LA.


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