Signature & Sculpt @ DanceBody

Class + Studio: ‘Signature’ & ‘Sculpt’ @ DanceBody

Location: NYC, Hamptons, LA, Miami

Length: 60 mins (45 min express options available)

Description: Dance cardio to beat of music. Hand/ankle weights used (optional) + moves are fitness inspired. Signature ends with sculpting on mat, whereas Sculpt class has less dance and more sculpting/mat work

Sweat level: 9/10

Tone level: Signature: 6/10, Sculpt: 8.5/10. Toning in all the right places, but still doable!

Cult level: 4/10 -There are absolutely a bunch of regulars, however, this is one of the most inclusive studios. They are so welcoming – you never feel out of place!

Sneakers/props: Sneakers and water

Shower/locker situation: Depends on the studio. New Tribeca has showers, the Nomad just has changerooms + refresh stations!

Vibe: The studio is such a feel good + body positive place that you feel so amazing when you leave. We love the edgy vibe the new Tribeca studio – it’s sick.

Similar to: 305 Fitness, Forward Space, Sculpt Society

Extras: They’re a great first time deal (BOGO). On ClassPass. Streaming service is offered. The more you go, the better you’ll get.

Go back? Yes, one of our go-to’s. We loved the Tribeca studio.


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