BAGSxBODY @ Everybody Fights

Class + Studio: BAGSxBODY @ Everybody Fights

Location: Midtown (NYC)

Other Cities: Boston, Chicago, Lexington, Philadelphia

Length: 50 mis

Description: 12 rounds of bag work + body weight strength training (push ups, high knees, etc.) You each get your own bag, and each round is timed.

Sweat Level: 8/10 – You will definitely get sweaty, especially if you put in the work. The room is kept at a comfortable temperature.

Tone Level: 7.5/10 – Pretty toning for a boxing class, but again it depends on how hard you want to go. Easy to get lazy in here, but also very possible to have a great workout!

Cult Level: 2/10 – It’s a boxing class within a gym (which is mostly members), but surprisingly the class never feels culty!

Sneakers/Props: Wraps, gloves + sneakers. You can buy wraps & gloves, or rent gloves for $3.

Shower/Locker Situation: Very impressive shower/locker situation. Tons of showers, great products & extensive refresh stations. Never feels too crowded, either.

Vibe: Edgy, but welcoming. This place is a very insta-friendly if you want to take a picture (tons of spots!). Also has very nice staff.

Similar to: Overthrow Boxing, Shadowbox

Extras: On CP (10-11 cred range). If you complete the orientation online, you get your first class free!

Go Back? Would go back for an event or social situation, but probably won’t ever be regulars.

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