BAGSxBODY @ Everybody Fights

Class + Studio: BAGSxBODY @ EverybodyFights

Location: NYC, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Philly, Kentucky, Chicago, Georgia

Length: 50 mins

Description: 12 rounds of bag work + body weight strength training (push ups, high knees, etc). You each get your own bag and there is a timer in each round.

Sweat level: 8/10 – You will absolutely get sweaty, especially if you put in the work. But the room is kept at a comfortable temperature.

Tone level: 7.5/10 – Pretty good for a boxing class, but depends on how hard you want to go. Easy to get lazy, but also very possible to have a great workout.

Cult level: 2/10 – Literally hardly any. This class is within a gym, so they gym it very members based, but the class never feels culty!

Sneakers/props: Wraps, gloves + sneakers. Can buy wraps for $8 or $15 for quick wraps (obvi better) + rent gloves for $3

Shower/locker situation: Very impressive shower/locker situation. Tons of showers, great products + extensive refresh stations. Never feels too crowded.

Vibe: Edgy, but welcoming vibe. This place is very insta-friendly if you want to take a picture (tons of spots!) Very nice staff.

Similar to: Overthrow Boxing, Shadowbox

Extras: On ClassPass (10-11 cred range). If you complete the orientation from online = you get first class free!

Go back? Would go back for an event or a social situation, but probably wouldn’t be a regular.

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