Yoga Sculpt @ Core Power Yoga

Class + Studio: Yoga Sculpt @ Core Power Yoga

Location: Bryant Park, UWS (NYC)

Other cities: Locations all over the country. It’s a franchise, so each studio is slightly different.

Length: 60 mins

Description: Vinyasa flow that incorporate weights, sculpting sequences, light HIIT + cardio moves (think squats, planks, bicep curls, jumping jacks). Ends with an ab series.

Sweat level: 10/1095-98 degree room temp.

Tone level: 8/10 Dependent on instructor in terms of difficulty. It’s great for people who want more of a workout from their yoga practice.

Cult level: 9/10 Definitely a cult following. Not on ClassPass and many people go unlimited. People even clean the floors here to get free memberships (it’s a program there!)

Sneakers/props: Water, mat + towel (or rent/purchase at studio)

Shower/locker situation: Showers + digi locks. You have to pay to rent towels for the shower. Products + space to get ready post-workout are limited.

Vibe: There’s something addicting about this class, it’s kinda like the “Yoga” of Soul Cycle.

Similar to: Playlist Yoga Sculpt, Pure Yoga (Pure Sweat + Sculpt Class), even Box + Flow if we wanna take it that far

Extras: 1st week is free! They have sales during Xmas. Be on time – they lock the studio doors when class begins! First time you get mat + towel rental free.

Go back? Yes, we really love the workout here! We are regulars.


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