Bonded by the Burn

Class + Studio: Bonded by the Burn

Location: On Demand + Live Classes Via Zoom

Other cities: N/A

Length: 10-70 mins.

Description: Full-body, strength training workout layered with cardio. A ton of core focus in this class, with a mixture of props to create a solid burn. Fuse together slow-controlled movements using resistance bands and gliding discs, with high intensity intervals. Classes are co-instructed by co-owners. They offer different workouts ranging from their classic “Burn 60” (60 minutes full body) to shorter, more specific classes ie. Arms + Abs in 30.

Sweat level: 8/10 – This will get you sweating and definitely require a hair wash.

Intensity Level: 9/10 – One of the most challenging at home workouts we’ve tried.

Tone level: 9/10 – You’ll be shaking in a matter of minutes and throughout the entire class – it gets right to the point.

Cult level: 0/10 – All online – no cultiness.

Sneakers/props: Bands (loop + long bands), weights and sliders are pretty much used in all workouts. You can purchase a package of all their equipment.

Shower/locker situation: N/A

Vibe: Intense and challenging!

Similar to: SLT, Solidcore

Extras: Use code SWEATS100 for 1 month free (in addition to the 1 week free trial).

Go back? YES! 100%

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