Boxing Bootcamp (Punch House 45) @ Punch Pedal House

Class + Studio: Boxing Bootcamp (Punch House 45) @ Punch Pedal House

Location: NYC (Dumbo)

Length: 45 mins (they also offer 60 mins)

Description: A workout that rotates between 3 (equally intense) stations: boxing (on the water bag), strength training (on a bench with equipment like weights + resistance bands) and HIIT on the curved (non-motorized) treadmill. You do 9 rounds total, 2 of which are longer and the final round is very quick. Finish with a cool down.

Sweat Level: 10/10 – DRENCH CITY. Full blown mirror fog scenario. You will absolutely need to wash your hair.

Tone Level: 9/10 – Lots of cardio + toning. This class is very challenging!

Cult Level: 3/10 – No cult vibes at this studio whatsoever. They have very loyal members, but even as a first-timer you will fit right in.

Sneakers/Props: Wraps and gloves are $5.

Shower/Locker Situation: Showers, lockers … the works.

Vibe: Definitely a cool and intimate vibe (HIIT classes are kept super small).

Similar to: Grit Boxing (Punch Pedal came first, though!).

Extras: On ClassPass (often a #10AndUnder). 

Go Back? Yes! We wish we lived closer to this studio. If you want a serious sweat, try this class!

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