Rumble Training @ Rumble

Class + Studio: Rumble Training @ Rumble

Location: NYC (UES and Flatiron), San Fran (Marina)

Length: 45 mins.

Description: Two styles of training within one workout! Half of class is spent on custom treads – sprinting, climbing and pushing. The other half is done at your own floor work station – pressing, pulling, squatting, crunching and jumping. While the moves here can get firey, they’re all clearly displayed on a screen which is super helpful. You’ll do two rotations of floor & two rotations of tread (for a total of 10 rounds for 3 mins each).

Sweat level: 8.5/10 – Definitely a hair washing situation.

Tone level: 8/10 – Highly toning and intense!

Cult level: 5/10 – Although Rumble is a 10/10 ‘scene’-wise, most people who do Rumble do other workouts as well – so it’s less culty in that way. That being said, many of the instructors have a solid following. They are super welcoming, though, and people of all levels come here to sweat.

Sneakers/props: Must wear supportive sneakers.

Shower/locker situation: Rumble has allll the amenities – showers, digi locks, products, etc.

Vibe: Exact same vibe to the Rumble Boxing studio, just with a different exercise format. Very millennial (great places to take photos) – expect loud music, a dark room and lots of energy. Definitely a vibey studio and great for a social activity as it’s very high key (yes – the opposite of low key).

Similar to: Barry’s Bootcamp, Grit Boxing, Orange Theory, Burn 60

Extras: Not on ClassPass, but they are offering a 2-for-1 intro special. Irunning isn’t your strong suit, don’t be intimidated! The sprints are short and everything is totally customizable. Must cancel by 5pm the night before class.

Go back? Yes – when we’re craving HIIT (running / strength), this is our go-to spot.

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