Reformer Flow 1.5 @ Club Pilates

Class + Studio: Reformer Flow 1.5 @ Club Pilates

Location: Midtown West (NYC)

Other cities: Nationwide + Canada.

Length: 50 mins.

Description: Reformer pilates workout that incorporates various pilates props (ball, box, blocks, etc.) and light weights throughout for an additional arm boost. Level 1.5 is a step above their ‘Foundation’ (beginner) class, but not as fast paced or intense as the Level 2 (Evolution) class. Class tempo is moderate and focuses on a steady flow – with coordinated movements, balance and stability challenges to give you a more demanding workout.

Sweat level: 1/10 – No sweat in this class!

Tone level: 6/10 – Good balance of toning and restorative. Can always amp up resistance and weights!

Cult level: 3/10 – Didn’t feel any cult vibes.

Sneakers/props: Must wear grip socks.

Shower/locker situation: No showers, no lockers (just cubbies).

Vibe: We view this as the ‘Core Power Yoga’ of Pilates. Has a definite franchise feel, but because of this  it’s much nicer and newer than your typical NYC Pilates studio.

Similar to: BK Pilates, New York Pilates, Avea Pilates (NYC).

Extras: Free intro class! Wide variety of classes offered for all different levels and exercise types (including advanced, restorative and more cardio focused classes).

Go back? We loved it! If we lived closer, it would absolutely be in our rotation. We want to try the ‘Cardio Sculpt’ class next.

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