Burnout @ New York Pilates

Class + studio: Burnout @ New York Pilates

Location: NYC (SoHo, Bowery, West Village), Hamptons (Montauk, Southampton)

Length: 55 mins

Description: An amped up version of their traditional pilates (includes push ups, mountain climbers etc.)

Sweat level: 4/10

Tone level: 6.5/10 – Really depends on the teacher here. Have some where I’ve really felt it, somewhere I haven’t felt it at all

Cult level: 7/10

Sneakers/props: Grip socks or barefoot

Shower/locker situation: No showers, no lockers (only cubbies), very limited getting readiness

Vibe: Can be a bit cold here/not too welcoming, but the studio is gorg and you’ll feel good when you leave!

Similar to: BK Pilates, Eden Sasson Pilates

Extras: On ClassPass, but very high credit (off peak times have lower credits)

Go back? Def. Come here when we want to move, but nothing too crazy

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