Tower/Reformer @ CP Burn Pilates

Class + Studio: Tower/Reformer @ CP Burn Pilates

Location: Sutton Place + UES (NYC)

Other Cities: Nope.

Length: 50 mins.

Description: Pilates exercise based on physical therapy, it lengthens and strengthens the body with a particular focus on posture and core. Class consisted of 50% tower + 50% reformer full-body workout. It was toning and a perfect mix of challenging and restorative (full of feel-good moves + stretches). 

Sweat Level: 2/10 – We didn’t sweat! They do keep it quite cool, though. Bring a long sleeve shirt to start off.

Tone Level: 5/10 – Toning in all the right places. We like to call these feel good moves!

Cult Level: 1/10 – Very welcoming & non-culty.

Sneakers/Props: Barefoot or grip socks.

Shower/Locker Situation: No frills in this sense – they only have bathrooms & cubbies. A very ‘in & out’ type of place.

Vibe: Simple, clean & to the point. People aren’t coming here to hang out. Low key and restorative vibe type workout.

Similar to: Sculpt + Restore @ New York Pilates (NYC), Core Pilates (NYC), Plank Pilates @ Plank Fitness (NYC)

Extras: On ClassPass – often a #10andUnder. These half & half style classes are great because they FLY by & allow you to take advantage of the benefits of multiple pilates machines.

Go Back? Yes – we want to try Blair’s class!

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