Dash 28 @ Mile High Run Club

Class + studio: Dash 28 @ Mile High Run Club

Location: NYC (NoHo, NoMad, UES)

Other cities: Nope

Length: 45 mins

Description: Begins with short body weight based warm up, then 28 mins of treadmill intervals (can go at own pace), changing up your speed/incline. Ends with a 10 minute strength training sessions, then a stretch.

Sweat level: 8/10 – Room is kept pretty cold, so it’s all genuine sweat

Tone level: 7/10 – Mostly cardio here, but there is some toning. You can definitely get strong from this class and you will work really hard.

Cult level: 1/10 – Never felt the cult vibe. Many ClassPassers.

Sneakers/props: Sneakers and water. Towels are provided on each treadmill.

Shower/locker situation: Small change room @ Noho (2 showers), more spaces @ Nomad (4 showers for women, 2 for men). Lines get lone during peak times!

Vibe: Very motivating, people of all ages and fitness backgrounds come here, so don’t worry if you’re new to running! Very clean and friendly studio!

Similar to: Orange Theory or Barry’s (running portion).

Extras: On ClassPass. Hollis is our fav if booked on ClassPass they’ll choose tread for you (you can change though usually + ask to be placed next to a friend)

Go back? Used to go every Friday, stopped running so haven’t been back much. Great options for runners.

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