Dash 28 @ Mile High Run Club

Class + studio: Dash 28 @ Mile High Run Club

Location: Noho + Nomad (NYC)

Other cities: Nope

Length: 45 mis

Description: Begins with a short body weight based warmup, then 28 mins of treadmill intervals (can go at own pace) while changing up your speed/incline. Ends with a 10 minute strength training sessions & a stretch

Sweat level: 8/10 – Room is kept pretty cold, so it’s all genuine sweat

Tone level: 7/10 – Mostly cardio, but there is some toning. You can definitely gain strength from this class and you WILL work really hard.

Cult level: 1/10 – Never felt a cult vibe. Many ClassPassers.

Sneakers/props: Sneakers and water. Towels are provided on each treadmill.

Shower/locker situation: Small changing situation @ the Noho loc (+ 2 showers), more space @ Nomad (4 showers for women, 2 for men). Lines get long during peak times!

Vibe: Very motivating, people of all ages and fitness backgrounds come here, so don’t worry if you’re new to running! Very clean and friendly studio.

Similar to: Orange Theory or Barry’s (running portion).

Extras: On CP. Hollis is our fav instructor. If you book on CP they’ll choose your tread for you (you can usually get it switched if you ask the front desk though)

Go back? Used to go every Friday, stopped running so haven’t been back much. Great indoor option for runners!

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