Aerojump/Aerosculpt @ Aerospace

Class + studio: Aerojump/Aerosculpt @ Aerospace

Location: Nomad (NYC)

Other cities: LA

Length: 60 mis

Description: First 30 mins is jumprope and shadowboxing w light weights, 2nd half is all sculpting

Sweat level: 8.5/10

Tone level: 9/10

Cult level: 5/10 – Def regulars, but no on interacts here, not necessarily a place to meet people or make friends

Sneakers/props: Wear solid sneakers & bring an ID to borrow a jump rope

Shower/locker situation: Lots of showers, bring lock or leave stuff in the main room

Vibe: Not much of a “community” vibe, you don’t come here for the community, you come to work hard!

Extras: On CP. & Gary’s class is great.

Go back? Yes – we go all the time!

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