Torch’d with Isaac Boots @ Multiple Locs

Class + studio: Torch’d with Isaac Boots @ Multiple Locs

Location: Private training, Studio B, SoulAnnex Hamptons during the summer, & you can find him at various independent studios (NYC)

Other cities: Hamptons in the summer

Length: 50 mins

Description: Toning and sculpting class using light weights, body resistance, dance cardio (a little bit) and lots of repetition. Extreme focus on butt, arms, abs

Sweat level: 7/10 – There’s a bit of cardio in this class in between reps, so you definitely will work up a bit of a sweat

Tone level: 10/10 – The amount of burn in this class is next level. Just when you think your butt will fall off, you’ll be spending 5 more mins on it

Cult level: 5/10 – He absolutely has a following but since it’s not just at one studio it’s not culty

Sneakers/props: Sneakers

Shower/locker situation: Depends on the studio he teaches at, no showers at Studio B

Vibe: Incredibly upbeat + fun no matter where he teaches, he’s so welcoming and has amazing energy

Similar to: Most similar to barre (without the ballet moves) due to the small movements, high rep

Extras: His schedule + studios change, since he’s a one man show

Go back? Yes, he’s absolutely one of my favs can’t wait for him to teach more


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