‘DIRTY 30’ by Movement By Malia

Class + Studio: ‘DIRTY 30’ by Movement By Malia

Location: Zoom Classes (sign up via ClassPass streaming)

Other Cities: N/A

Length: 30 mins.

Description: Straight ABS – alternating between plank and crunch series’ with three finishers (1 minute of intense work). Finishes with a cool down. High intensity, low impact!

Sweat Level: 3/10 – Since this class is more core-focused with limited cardio, you won’t need to wash your hair! She has a ‘FULL BODY SWEAT’ class, too, if you’re looking for a sweat!

Intensity Level: 8/10 – Burned a lot, but the workout was highly concentrated. For the abs the intensity was a 10/10 but overall, an 8.

Tone Level: 9/10 – For the core alone! Some arm toning from the planking, mountain climbers, etc.

Cult Level: 1/10 – No cult vibes here.

Sneakers/Props: Mat, light weights + resistance band (may also use sliders).

Shower/Locker Situation: N/A

Vibe: Energetic, fun and motivating.

Extras: Malia’s online platform is coming to her website soon, so stay tuned.

Go Back? YES – we need to try her other classes, too!

Category: All

Location: Online

Sweat Level: Low

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